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Image 234, seventh book, folio 123b, three unnumbered receipts

Mrs Haies her receit to
stay the rume* from
falling to the eyes
Take tow new layd eges and break a holl in
ether* of a groats** breadth and take out the
substance of them and then fill both the shells
with fayer runninge watter, then take the tow
Cock treads* and as much of Cumen Seed as
will at twice lye on a threepence, and as
much white Copris* as will ly on a three
pence put halfe of thes things in one shell
and the other halfe in the other, and boyle
it in the shells till halfe be consumed then
put it into a glase and wash the eie bone
night and morninge this will stop the rume
for desending in to the eyes;
My brother Thomas his
purgation that he taks when
he hath the gout and at other
times being good for any
watterish diseas
Take halfe an ounce of, Carie Castrinum*,
in, a little draught of white wine and
so drinke it and it will give you . 6 . stools
A receipt of the searcloth* my brother
Thomas Lenthall useth when ihe
hath the goute paine him or swells
Take a pinte of the best sallet Oyle, halfe a pound
of red lead, tow ounces of bees wax, and tow ounces
of dears Suet, and boyle all together in a pipkin* or
skillett* a bout an hower, and before you make it
into rowles put it into a payle of Cleane watter
to coole, and then you may make it into rowles
as you please

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Transcribed by LF and JW