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Image 233, seventh book, Folio 123a, four unnumbered receipts

The Lady windoms receite
for the stone
Take a pint of milke and turne it into a posset with
the ioyce* of lemons then take of the curd and put in
the possett drinke the ioyce of stinginge netles and som
bees beaten to powder and so lett it boyle a while and
then lett the patient drinke a good draught;
Mrs Gilborns receit to wash those
that have the small poxe
Take faire watter and putt in some otmell* and let
it boyle a while to gether it must not be to thicke
and when the pox begins to dry at the .8. or .9. days
end washe the face of the sicke party with the creamy
tope of the watter and otmill and in 24 hours all the
scabs will fall of as she saith it hath bine proved
A not* to make hume* learned
of Sr Georg Vauhan
Take Specier: thes are the spieces* must be taken
Letificans gall: Diarrhodion Abatis; De gemis:*
Aromatic Rosati: three pennie worth of ether*
and putt it in a pottle of the smallest* Aqua vita
you can gett and halfe a pound of the finnest
suger and so shake the glase you put it in at
Lest* twise a day for a pretty whill** as longe as you
will, and you will find it a marvillous comfortable
drinke for the harte;
an aproved medisin for a great
bely and tinpany* learned of my Lady
Take a peece of cleane rye bread and spread it with
butter and take .3. or .4.cloves of garlick and pill* them
and laye them one the butter and so eat the bread
butter and garlick alltogether for .3. or .4. mornings
together and fast tow houres after at the least this
hath bine often proved

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Transcribed by JW and LF