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Image 228. seventh book, folio 116b, four unnumbered receipts.

Against all Drye Coughes:
R: sirrop of Violetts syropp of Poppy heads and syrropp of Juinbes*
of each a like quantity much water wherein barley Violets Licorise
& reasons Sebestens* be sodden** as much as you thinke good to mixe and
with sugar. Purging is not only comodious but needfull the which
is thus to bee effected Take the said Decoction seeth therein Damaske
Proins* and sower Dates of each halfe an ounce pilled** Mellon
seeds pumpcon* seeds Cucumber seeds Gourd seeds and Venus
hayer* of each :2: Dramms Take 4: oz thereof and temper therein
one oz and a halfe of Cassia* for it cooles & opens the Auncient
Phisitions to prayse pilled* beanes it is possible indeed for
that it will make the water thicke in like manner doe they
comend fresh butter wherein Almond and sugar are mixed
stued* Gouds Juinbes Spinage Endive lettice purslayne**
oyle of sweete Almond & the like
A delicate powder for the face.
R: Mountague Cristall* in very fine powder Calcine* it
in a Crucible :3: tymes over every tyme wash it the first
with rose water the second with Rosemary water the third
tyme with beane flower water* then put it one a grinding
stone to dry Thus use it wash your face first with water
then rubb it with this powder if you will colour h your face
take Allom plumosum* in fine powder rubb it in yor hands
with which streake your selfe over afterwards wash it and
rednes will come
A Fucus* for the face
R: Twine glasse in fine powder as much as you will & power*
on it some Aqua fortis* that will make it boyle and like
to milke power out that which is made milke into another
glasse and power on that some salt water the which will make
it fall downe to the bottome then with fountayne water
wash it many tymes to dulcifie* it then take of that white
and mingle with beane flower water in the hand or some
other kinde of oyle and use it
A Breast salve:
R: Mustilage* of flea wort* gum tragath tragacanth* Linseed*
and fenugreeke seed ana*1 ℥ henns grease marrow of Calves
bones fresh butter of each 2 ℥s washed together with the
water of Violetts oyle of sweete Almonds oyle of Violetts
of each ½: and ℥ wax q s: soe tempered together into a salve
this asswageth not only the Cough but alsoe paynes of
the breast

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Transcribed by LF and JW