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Image 227, seventh book, folio 116a; six unnumbered receipts

An excellent electuary* for the Catarrhe and
lost voice the catarrhe is a distillation from the
head upon the lungs wch causeth the cough
Take good fatt currants 6 : ozes beate them weall browne sugar Candy
4 : ozes oyle of sweete almonds ij oz skumd* honey 3 : oz incorporate
them well together on a gentle fier for a quarter of an hower
alwayes stirring it then in a morter make it up into an
electuary the Quantity to be taken at a tyme is one Dram
or 2 in the morneing fasting
To save a woman from a mischaunce*
Take a new layd egg & rost it soft into which put crimson silke
cut very finely mingle it with the egg supp it downe drinke
after it a good cupp of burnt wyne this saved a woman from
A dyet very good for the french pox*
R : Guiacum wood* rasped one pound of the barke 3 : oz of comon
water 15 : pintes boyle them until the third pt be consumed then
put in of Epithimum* halfe an ounce Cardus benedictus* 3 : dram
hermodactills* 1 ℥: borage & Campitheos* a like quantity one
handfull Licorise halfe an ounce then ad too pintes of white
wyne and make it boyle altogether againe to a third part then
strayne it and keepe it in a glasse the Quantity wch must bee
taken at a tyme is 6 : oz in the morneing fasting and att
goeing to bedd at night
For cooling of a hott liver : by Dr Hill :
R: Sorrell Succory* Endive barly alike quantity of each one
handfull licorish stickes three reasons of the sunne* one
handfull Annyseedes halfe a handfull seeth* these in a
quart of fayre water to a pint then strayne it & drinke of it
thrice a weeke at least in the morninge
For stopping of the liver
R: Ivy berryes Egrenomy Hartstunge liverwort* and the
barke of a young ash af* these a like quantity of Polypodinin**
of the oake twice twice soe much as of any of them make
of this eyther purge brooth or syrrope & soe use it
A medicine or Phisicke drink for Cough or
R : six quarts of runninge water and one handful of Maydenhaire
and one of liverwort & one of opening rootes* one of reasons of the
sunne 20 : blew figgs Annyseeds and licoris of each 2 : oz and
2 : oz of sugar Candy boyle all together untill one halfe be consumed
then strayne it & put into an earthen pott and then drinke
of it morneing and evening it will help you

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Transcribed by JW and LF