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Image 226 seventh book, Folio 115b, five unnumbered receipts

An approved good oyntmt*: for the Flux
scalding & burning Aches bruises squatts*
& such like things & for greene wounds
Take 2: pounds of May butter and of Lunary Minor* one
handfull Solomons seale a handfull Mouseare* a handfull
plantyne* a handfull stampe** all these together small &
put them into the butter and let them boyle a hower
gently sciminge* it with a feather then strayne it
& keepe for yor* use
Another way to make it
Take a gallon of Creame & boyle it untill it comes to
an oyle which as it riseth with the boyling must bee
taken of with a spoone then use the oyle as abovesayd
for the flux take the brynes* of a Nutt* of that oyle
& before the fyer anoynt the lower part of the
Reynes* stroking always downward it cures
To help to Deliver a woman
Take the skynne of a Viper skynne tye it about the midle
she wilbe Delivered Quickly & easily
R: Turpentyne Venitie* Cera alba* rosecea ana** 2 ℥s greake
pitch* 3 ℥s Juice of Betony* Camphire* of each ½ a [?]
a litle honey let all be boyled together till the Juice
be consumed then ad Frakincense* Masticke*
Sandaracke* ana 1 ℥ make of this a stiffe oyntmt :
then put it into viniger make rowles use it twice a
day upon searcloth* it cures without payne
A rare vinigar agt the Plague
Take Masticke 1 ℥ long pepper ℥ di cardamoms ℥ di :red
roses Dry orange flowers or orange flower water ana
:2 ℥s saffron ℥ di: beate all these together put them into
a glasse with 4: pintes of excellent wyne Vinigar and
set it in the sunne 8: dayes stirring it 5: or 6: tymes a
day untill it be done in the tyme of the plague you must
dipp some lynnen cloth or spunge in it & smell to it: bath
now and then the temples palmes of the hands &
nostrills this I have given with good *

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Transcribed by LF and JW