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Image 225, seventh book, Folio 115a, three unnumbered receipts

A Cerot* of Alguares a Portugall
Take Gumme of Galbanum : 1 : oz & 2 : drams Gumme of
Hamoniacum* 3: oz and 3 : drams appoponax* 1 : oz new wax one
pound and 4 : oz oyle 1 : pound Lytharige* of gold 1 : pound & 1 : oz
Olibanum* 2 : oz Mirrhe 1 oz & 2: drams frankinsence
1 : oz & 1 : drame Verdigrese* one oz Long Aristolothia** 1: oz
Masticke : 1 : oz Boelium* : 1 : oz Calamint stone* : 1 : loadstar*
2 : oz make it thus, take the gumme of Galbanum Hamomiacum
& Appoponax and breake them into small peeces then sett
them to steepe 4 or 5 ; pintes of strong Vinegar upon a
gentle fier to dissolve the next day strayne them
thoroughly out & then put them againe into the
pipkin stirring it sometymes let it boyle gently till
the vinigar be evaporated altogether then dyssolve the
wax in the oyle in the which norish* the litarige** in
an earthen pan untill it be of the body of a plaster
then haveing the rest of the things in fine powder
first mingle the gumms and then th take it of the
fyer & put to the powders stirring it still untill
it be cold make rowles hereof & keepe it to use
The vertues for wormes Tumers
To draw out splints thornes bones or Iron for the bytinge
of any Venomous beast the Canker fistula for inflamations
in wounds it hinders Gangreens Imposthumes* & for the
plague soares hemicrania* hemrods** Carbuncles &
many other diseases I have found this plaster good
for all these things abovewritten but in pticular
for shrunken nerves admirable good it never fayles
to cure fistulas
An Unguent for the Sciatica
Take out the intrayles* of a Goose fit the body with
pitch of Burgany* and sage washt with Aquavita*
soe roast the goose and with the fat which drops
anoynt the place it will cure quickly

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Transcribed by JW and LF