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Image 223, seventh book, Folio 114a, one receipt

An oyntment to helpe Swellings Spheres* Aches
and the goute and all obstructions taught
by a Jew:
.fo. 114.
Take 5lb of fresh butter, a pottle* of blacke snailes, half a
pound of francinsence, a handfull of hens dunge
Elders* ) ( brookpine
Camomile ) ( Sothernwood
Sage ) ( of each one
Lavander ) of each tow handfuls handfull
Mints )
Herbe of grace ) a little Lavender )
Wormwood ) Cotten
Buglas )
The compoundinge of the aforesaid
Take butter never washed nor salted, melt it in a pan
or kettle and gather your snayles on the over
night, and take them cleane from ther slime slime
and putt them and the hendunge into the butter
and then mingle all the herbs together choped
small as to the pott and after stampe* them in
a morter if you will, and then putt them into
the kettle to the butter and snailes, after it
is through hott redy to boyle, putt in the
francensence beaten and make a quicke fyre
under it, and take a sticke and ever stirre it
till it be sod* enoughe, which you shall find
when it will not rope upon the sticke but
that the sticke come up cleane, then take it of
and sett the ketle aslope and take an earthen
pott and lay a cloth over it and strain in
the clearest of it taken up with a ladle and
when you have taken the best, it will come in
the spoone like watter put not that amongst
the rest for it will spoyle it but cast it
a way:

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