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Image 222, seventh book, Folio 113b, three receipts.

Mr Wilds receait* for Sore eys
Take half a pint of the best whit wine and as
much redd rose water, of lapis Calaminaris* and
Lapis Tutie* of ea ech as much as will twice cover
the poynt of a knife rost an egg hard and take
out the yolke and then cutt the white and the
shell as small as may be, then put the liquor and
all to-gether and lett them simper over a chafing
and drop som dish of coles one houre and a quarter and be
of it in the eys sure they boyle not then take it of and strayn
it well through three severall* cloths.
Take the white of 2 new layd eggs and put
if you stir them into a dish and put therto a little Lapis
it to long tutia* then stire them with an Allom ston
it will grow till they grow thick then spred it on some
thin againe fine flaxe in tow severall plasters and lay
them to the eys tell they be hott and then
take them a way and lay on fresh 3 or fouer
tims on after an other the party lying on
his back on a bed
Mrs Godards receit for sore eyes
Take a quart of pure fayer watter and
as much whigh whit coprise* as will ly
on a groat and put it in the water being
first beaten to very fine powder then
shake the glase or botle you put it in
till it be all on a froth and when it is
well setled then drop som of the clearest
in to the eys and wett fin rags and lay
them on the eys

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Transcribed by LF and JW