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Image 221, seventh book, folio 113a, three unnumbered receipts

An ointment toCataplasme* for the
Eyes when the Cataract is
taken away
Take red rose leaves both kinds of ?* bantyme**
beate them both in a morter then let boyle them in
water with barley meale take it from the fyre
and set it to coole then put in the whites of
2 : eggs and a litle Allome* lay this Cataplasme
wise* in the eye changing it every tenne dayes
stopping the other eye let the sycke body
be in his bedd on his backe for 14 : dayes
A rare distilled oyle for many infirmityes
R: of Turpentyne one pound gumme heder* a halfe a
pound clarified honney 6 : ounces olibanum* : 2 : ozes
Veriuce* one pound distill it and keepe it this oyle
did never fayle me in these cures the Sciatica
which is the payne of the hucklebone* it is a
present remedy for all cold diseases it helps
madnes it is good for the memory it clarifyes
the sight put one drop into the eye every morning
it cures the Collicke* takeing five dropps in wyne
or broth or anoynting the ??* use it for
the Sciatica first anoynt the place with it
then have a litle bagge with warme wood
ashes at in it lay it on as warme as you
can endure it in distilling this oyle you
must ?* the glasses and with a gentle
fyer there will come oyle of three severall*
colours the first white the second red the third
blacke you may mingle them together for
thay heall have all one vertue
An oyntment for the scabb*
Take Turpentyne wash it 8 : several tymes
Almond butter a like quantity 2 : ounces oyle
of bayes & Comon salt alike quantity one
ounce Storax* Calamint : 1 : Dram : & anoynt
every 2 : dayes goeing to bedd

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Transcribed by JW and LF