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Image 220, seventh book, folio 112b, aix unnumbered receipts

A fume for Morbus Gallicus*
R. Mirrhe : vermillian:Storax Calamint Frankinsence*
a like quantity.1: ounce & a halfe mingle them together
being grossly beaten part this powder into 5: parts for three
severall Dayes useing of it twice a day warme & at 4:in
the afternoone under a Canopy with a Chafing dish of
coales and the eyes shutt the body ought to bee ppared*
before by a Clyster* or other medicine & this will cure
A good secret for the Fluxe *:
Take three quarts of mil milke of Smiths * water and
the Juice of plantyne* both of the greater & lesser sort and
pound let them all boyle together to halfe give it to drinke
warme to the patient often tymes in the day
A good powder for any impediment in the mouth
but as especially to strengthen the teeth:
Take the Barke of Pomegranetts the barke of Almonds
Coloquintida* eggshells calynated* Date stones calcyned*
Cloves peper of each a like quantity all these
made into fine powder rubb the teeth & gumms
with it
An unguent of Quicksilver to cure the Poxe
Take Quicksilver 4: onz mortify it in viniger then
the take hoggs grease 6: onz oyle of Bayse 4: oz frankinsense
4:oz of these make an oyntment in a morter with it
anoynt the place where the payne is but touch not
the Maxill nor Joynts you must weare gloves and
anoynt it five dayes by the fyer
Another for the same
Take hoggs grease 4: oz oyle of Bayes 4: oz oyle
of Pethe* Litharigie** of gold & silver a like quantity
of each 2: ounces oyle of Camomyle an ounce
Quicksilver 4: ozes mingle all together and make and
unguent and use it as the other these are for such
as will not use inward medicines:
A Dissicative unguent for wounds
Take of butter well washed halfe a pound Bolarm * & make
halfe an oz Camphire* 2 Dramms make an oyntment
this cures St. Anthonyes fyer* all hot burnings & dryeth

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Transcribed by LF and JW