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Image 219, seventh book, folio 112a; two unnumbered receipts

An admirable electuary* for the
stomacke and other diseases
R: Marmalade of Quinces: 2 : pound English honey
scimed a pound sugar Candy halfe a pound mace*
then boyle together and add an ounce of Cynamon
saffron one dramme ginger halfe an ounce Cloves
40 : graynes lignum Alloes* : 3 drammes : muske
dissolved in rose water : 8 : graynes : aqua vitae : 6 oz
oyle of Sulphar : 3 : drames : pearles in powder halfe
an ounce make this electuary according to art, with
which I have cured many Infirmityes it is very
cordiall for the Stomacke and heart it may bee
used without danger, the dose is the quantity of
a nutmegg every morneing fasting.
To Cure Madnesse
R: ground Ivy* : 3 : handfulls take the veines out of
the leaves and put them into a quart of white
wyne boyle them to the fourth part then
take 6 : oz of oyle and beat all together presse
them out strongly with this anoynt the Temples for
halfe an hower continuance, the leaves that
remayne make a bagg of them put it on the
forehead and it will psently cure
To take away the Itching of a wound
R milke let it boyle put into it Roach Allum*
and that will make it like Creame use that
Creame round about a wound

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Transcribed by JW and LF