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Image 218, seventh book, Folio 111b, three unnumbered receipts

To purge brasse
Take litle peeces of Brasse in litle shivers*
& with salt make stratum substratum* in a
pipkin lite* the pipkin well & put it to
Calcyne* for xij howers & when you gett
it out of the pipkin put in strong vineger
in the which is dissolved salm niter * and
comon salt Tartar in powder as much as
is sufficient in the which vineger dip the brasse
9 : tymes and alwayes put it in the fyer then
use it
For the Toothach
R: of Opium and Castoreum* a like quantity
according to discretion cut them small and
incorporate them with vineger and make
a past* thereof then take soe much as a
pease* and put it into the tooth twill** presently
help you, the Castoreum quallifyes the Opium
if the tooth be rotten pull it out
For the Anphire*
R: the oyle of yelkes of Eggs oyle of Turpentyne
a like quantity :2: Dramms, oyle of masticke
bassam* of India a like quantity :2: ouncis
oyle of Spike*[*] :2: Dramme: Frankincinse 2:
ounces mingle all in a new pipkin let them
boyle a litle while together and with this
balsam warme make a plaister on leather
apply it change every 2: dayes, the patient
must keepe his bed lying on his backe and with
Gods help he will recover in 3: weeks.

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Transcribed by LF and JW