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Image 216, seventh book, folio 110b, two unnumbered receipts

A Balme for greene wounds or payne
in the body
Take oyle of Mintts : 2: pound white wyne :3: pts
pintes the fat of man* :2:ounces oyle of
Lavender 3:ounces ground pine and rose
leaves a like quantity of each 3:ounces
greene Colwort*leaves :6: bruse the
leaves and boyle them in a pipkin* wth
whyte wyne untill the wyne be halfe
consumed then put to it the oyles and
boyle them them together untill the
wyne be quite consumed soe strayne
it: It is good for all paynes & aches
in the body & bruses but you must first
annoynt it and wash the sore place with
Cla Claret wynne and then anoynt it
with a feather lay upon it a Colwort
leafe & a peece of lynnen Cloth thus
morneing & evening you must dresse
A plaster for woundes
Take yellow waxe: Sytharige* of gold & silver
white lead Turpentine a like quantity of these
4: oz oyle one pound and halfe put the wax
Sytharige and the white lead and boyle
them a good space they being made in fine
powder last of all put in the Turpentyne
continually stirring it untill it become
of a blackish Colour when it is cold make
it into rowles spread it upon leather
this cureth wounds and taketh away
paynes in a cold cause in any part

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Transcribed by LF and JW