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Image 215, seventh book, Folio 110a, three unnumbered receipts

To take letters out of paper without
hurting it and soe as noe body canne
Take of Comon water ℥ iiij roch Allum
ʒ j : in fine powder put it in infusion for 3 :
dayes then strayne it and keepe it then take
separating water* ʒ j noviae Ceruse*: 8: gr
in powder and soe leave it for : 2 : howers
together hartshorne* burnt : 8 : gr take of
glove leather ℥ ij di and boyle in a pound
of water soe long till it become a jelley*
and this must be used a litle warme
take some Cotton or a sticke dipp it in
the Ceruse water and r rubb the letter
gently till you perceive them quite taken
away then touch with the other water
Pro flux in ventris*
R: sacco* s Cydon* ʒ: saccas endivio* et saccos
Tormentillo* ana** ʒ iiij sem torment ros
rubr* ac* 1 ℥ aq: plant* ʒ vj: acquantur fumill**
cum* lbly: ?? sachary** ad consistentia***
sirupi* coletur** I give it twice a day morning
and evening
A very good Balme of a Phisitian
belonging to the University at Padua
Take old salet oyle 3 oz : venus* Turpentine
halfe a pound whole Corne wheat halfe an ounce
oyle of St Johns wort : 2: oz ye rootes of Cardes
Benedictus* : 1 : oz : the rootes of Setwill* : 1 : oz
Frankincense in powder : 2 : oz cut the rootes
grossly* and put them into a pipkin with white
wyne that the white wyne may stand above
the Ingredients an inch: steepe them
for a whole day then put to it the oyle and
the corne and boyle it until the wyne bee
consumed then straine it and put to it the
Frankincense and then keepe it in a glasse
You must wash the wounds first
in wyne

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Transcribed by JW and LF