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Image 214, seventh booke, folio 109b, three unnumbered receipts.

An excelent oyntment for itch or scabs
though it be Leaprosy or any such umer*
Take a pint of the thickest creame out of the creame
pott: three handfulls of houselicke*, on handfull of
Orpin*, on handfull of bittony*: twoe handfulls of
redd sage: then take your hearbs and wash and
drayne them well and stompp them very small,
then put them into the creame, and lett them
boyle softly untill they com to an oyle, then
strayne them into an earthen pott close stoppt
and use it as occasion serves:
A speciall medecine for the stone in
the Bladder approved
Take a pint of the best white wyne one handfull
of the weed called Claver* and as much Castle**
soape as the weight of a groat or 6d sixepence at
most and sett them over the fyer till halfe the
wyne be consumed and then drinck a quarter of
a pint at a draught every morninge fastinge for
fower of five or five morneings together or more
if you find not present ease and as often as the
party is in payne let him new make it and
drincke it as afore:
An excellent receit for sore eyes
learned of Jane Burges
Take a pinte of white wyne and a penyworth of
Lapise Callaminarise* finely powdered and xxti
good and sound bayberys and beate them to powder
in a morter then put the wyne and powders in
a posnett* and let them boyle a litle and then put
it all into a glase and keepe it close stopt and
when you use any of it poure out the clearest
of it and drope it into the eye :*[*] aproved

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Transcribed by LF and JW