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Image 213, seventh booke, folio 109a, The Kinge of Frances Balsom

The King of Frances Balsom
Take sagge and rue of each a pound, the youngest
bay leavs and wormwood half a pound a peece, do
not wash them but cutt and picke them small and
beat them small in a morter, take 3 pound of sheeps
suett hott from the sheep mince it and brake it
with your hearbs untill it be of a couler then put
all into a bowle with a pottle* of the best Sallet* Oile
worke altogether till it become all a like then put it
into a faire an earthen pott stoope it close for 8 days
then put it into a faire pane* and seeth** it on a soft
fier and put into it when it is half sodden 2 ounces
of the oyle of spicke* and when it is soden straine
it through a fine canvise into a gally pott* stoopped
close with leather and parchment, in the boyling
take heed of burning it, and for feare thereof
put 3 drops of it into a saucer and when it is
very greene it is enough.
The vertus of this oyntment
it is good for the stone if you rube the
small of the backe well wth it, half a pease
bigness therof forst*[*] into your ears it healpeth
the paines therof and stope them wth black woll
it is good for any Ache and for bruses, fellons
scabs anguish swellings wounds streching of
the sinowes and vaines Crampe, Siatica
burning scalding stifle* or straine in man
or beast, if is made in May it lasteth many

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Transcribed by JW and LF