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Image 212, seventh booke, folio 108b, three unnumbered receipts

To make a sallet of Beete or Spinage.
Take Spinage and boyle it in fayre water one
hower, then quesk* it in a fayre napkin and let the
water run out, then chop it small and put it in
a pipkin*, & boyle it with some vergis* & butter
& put some small raysons* & greate to it, & if
it bee too tarte put in some sugar and season
it with a little pep and salte, and so let them
boyle together & them this you may serve up
To make a very good drawinge and
a healinge salve learned of My Fletcher
Take 2 ounces of turpinetine and one ounce
of burgony pitch* and halfe an ounce of
beese waxe and put it all in to a pipkin
and sett it on the fier till it be all throughly
melted if it boyle a little it is not the worse
then take it of the fier and put in a sponfull
of sallet* oyle and stire it well together and
keep it for your use;
an excelent water to wash the
face and hands
Take a pound of french barly and half a pound
of bitter Almonds blainch the Almonds and put
them into a potle* of white winne put in tow
ounces of oyle of tarture* and a nounes* of par
parmessitie* and so beat them altogether and
then wash wth it

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Transcribed by LF and JW