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Image 211, seventh book, Folio 108a, four unnumbered receipts

To frye Lambs feete
When the feete bee very tenderly soddon* take small
herbs and minse them take the yelke of an egge, with
the hearbes and temper* them together, with a little
sugar. Then lay in your feete in the same water
and wette them all over, then frye them very broune
and for the sauce take white vineger, sugar, cinamon
& ginger, & so boyle them.
To boyle Lambes feete
When your feete bee tender sodden take vineger
and butter sugar, cinamon & ginger & boyle your
feete in the same a good while, & serve them upon
To boyle a malard
Boyle your malard in water scum* it cleane
then season your water wth vineger whole pep
whole cloves, whole mace and salte, and when
it is halfe boyled put in chopped onnyons, and
currants and prunes Lay bread in steepe in
vineger, & streigne it, and so boyle them
alltogether, till they bee enoughe, then serve
it up, upon soppes, with the fruite and
onnyons upon it.
Soppes for chekins* with [?]
Take damsons and red wine boyle them toge-
ther & streigne* them together, then take sugar
cinamon ginger & the gravie of chekins
and cast it on the soppes.

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Transcribed by JW and LF