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Image 210, seventh book, folio 107b, receipt 33 then 3 unnumbered receipts

The BSeaventh Booke
33 A Sauce for a Caipon
Take red wine, Sugar, cinamom, and ginger the
ravell*, or a little butter, then take the white pill**
of an oringe, and boyle them, till they bee tender,
than cutt them small & cast them on your sops,
and slice the meate, & laye them about the other, &
laye the capon on the resions*.
To make oyle of Walnuts
Take the kernils and put them in a pint potte
and put in spinage and a few cloves and stoppe
the mouth faste with dowe* and set it in another
pot with water seething* over the fire, and let it
seethe for 24 howers. Than take it out and straygne
it fayre, and let it stand till it be cold so put it on
a glasse.
An excellent water for a consumption &
almost all inwards greifes.
Take 6 quarts of water set on the fire & scumme*
it cleane then put in it 3 quarts of English
honey & let it stand on the fyre hot, but not seethe,
scum it agayne as long as any scum will rise then
take it of & put it into the 3 earthen pans: then
make 3 tosts*: and spred them on both sides with
yest* then caste into each pan one while the licoure**
is warme, soe let it stand to worke 12 howers: then
scum of all that worketh up: then distill it in your
limberke* with your terpentine & you shall have
an excellent water for a consumption.
Vervin stamped and layed upon the biting of a
spider swageth* the swelling and stayeth the

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