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Image 208, seventh booke, folio 106b, receipts 24 to 29

The seaventh booke.
24. Greate heede oughte to bee taken of childrens
navells stringe when they bee cut.
If the navell stringe of a childe after it is cut, doth chaunce to touch the
grounde before it bee burned: the same childe will not bee able to keepe or
holde his or her water, neyther nighte nor daye. A thinge very true, and well
25. To helpe them that cannot holde theire water.
A flayne* mouse rosted, or made in powder, and drunke at one time, doth
perfectlye helpe such as cannot holde or keepe theire water: especiallye, if
it bee used three dayes in this order. This is verye true & often proved.
26. The member of generation doth followe the
proportion of the navell stringe cutte.
As soone as a childe is borne, espetially a boye, there oughte to bee greate
heede taken in the cuttinge of the navell stringe: for the member of generation
doth followe the proportion of the navell stringe: and if it bee tyed too shorte
in a wenche, it maye be an hindraunce to her in bringeinge forthe her
childe. Therefore it is moote that midwifes have a great regarde
therein. This is gathered out of Matthias Cornace*, an excellent phisition.
27 To make a minsed pye of fresh eyle & perches.
Flea* your eyles and seithe them with your perches, blanche
your perches and the fish from the bones and shred them
altogether very fin all with a little of an ounion amongst it:
take an ounion and a little tyme shredde small and chop it
very small with the yelkes*of 3 or 4 eggs rosted hard take
small raysons and greate and mixe them together, and
season it with cloves, mace, pep*, & sugar, then rayse your
coffin* and put in the thinges with a good dish of sweete
butter, then close your pye, & set it in the oven –
28 To make a pye of fleare*
When your fleare is sodden* very tender take it from the
bones and shred it small, take an ounion a little tyme
and an apple or two and shred them fin all altogether. Season
them with pep*[*] cloves and mace & a little sugar & small
raysons and sprinkle it with vineger, then put it into
your coffin with a piece of butter, then close your pye &
set it in the oven –

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Transcribed by LF and JW