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Image 204, sixth book, folio 104b, Index N to Z.

The table of the sixth booke.
N. For stoppeinge of the Stomacke with
For Noli me tangere: 103.b.* hoarsenes: 96.a.
O. For the Stone: 96.a.98.a.et b,101.a et
An Oyntemente triapharnicon: 92. b.* b.alias 2 ibid.
The Oyle of a red dogge: 92.a* For the Stone in the raignes 96.a.
To make Oyle of roses: 102.a. For the Swelling of the legge or feete:
To make Oyle of waxe: 93.b.94.a. 98.b.
P. For Swelling in the mouthe: 102.a.
For the Palsye:97.b. For Swelling of the stomacke: 99.b.
For such as are called Paralitici:98.b * To make a comfortable Syrroppe of
Agaynste the Pestilence:99.a.alias 2 ibid roses: 97.b.
101.a. T .
For the openinge of the Pipes: 100.b.* For Teeth that are loose: 92.b.
A Potion agaynste burnt cholericke To make Teeth fall oute: 101.b.
humors: 92.b. To make Teeth white: 98.b.
For women that Purge overmuch after To drawe out an iron or Thorne: 100.a.
childebearinge: 94.b. 101.b.
To Purge a woman after childebearing: For prickeinge in a ioynte* with needle
97.a. or Thorne: 94.b.
A Pultisse for sore legges: 103.a. Evill for the Throate: 95.a.
Pyonye * seedes: 96.b. Good for the Throate: 95.a.
Q. For a sore Throate: 96.a.
R. For the Tissicke: 102.b.*
A good dregge* for the Raignes: 103.b. V.
For the gowte in the Raignes: 103.b. A water for an Ulcer, &c: 93.a.
alias bis ibid. To cause one to Vomite: 99.b.
For the runninge of ye Raignes: 96.b. W.
For weakenes in the Raigne: 103.a. To make barlye Water: 97.a.
S. For him that cannot holde his Water:
For one that is Sausefleamed*: 102.a. 101.a.
For Scabbes: 99.a. For one that cannot make Water: 101.a.a
To heale a Sciatica: 92.b.100.b. alias ibid.
To knowe whether one that is Sicke To know whether a Woman be with a
shall live or dye: 95.a. manchilde, or a womanchilde: 95.b.
An oyntemente to cause Sleepe: 103.a. For a woman that hath loste her
For all Sores: 92.a. coloure: 95.b.
For a running or blistered Sore: 103.a. For all manner of Woundes: 96.a.
For all manner of sickenes in the X.
Stomacke: 96.a. Y.
Evill for the Stomacke:95.b. Z.
Good for the Stomacke: 95.b. The ende of the table of this
To clense the Stomacke: 99.b. sixthe booke.
To make the Stomacke in temper: 96.a.
A plaister for the Stomacke: 99.b.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by LF and JW