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Image 203, sixth book, folio 104a, Index A to N.

The table of the sixth booke.
The table of the book above written Good for the Eyes: 95.a.
heere followeth To clense the Eyes: 96.a.
A. To breake the skumme* of ye Eyes: 94.a.
For all manner of Ache: 98.a. 100.b. For wateringe Eyes: 96.b.
For Ache in the heade: 95.b. 101.b. F.
For Ache in the Raignes: 97.a. To make the Face fayre: 102.a.
For Ache in the teethe: 96.b. 98.b alias To put awaye spots in the Face: 102.a.
ibid. 101.a. For a swellinge or Fellon*: 102.b.
For the Ague: 98.a.100.b For ye Figge*: 103.b. alias 2 ibid.
For the newe Ague: 97.a. To breake Fleame: 101.b.
For the stronge Ague: 100.b. For deade Fleshe: 102.a.
To make Aquavitae: 92.b. Flos unguentorum*: 93.a.
B To cause a woman to have her Flowers ?. 10.b ’
For one that is Benummed: 100.a To staunche a womans Flowers: ? 34b 24.b.22
For ye Biteing of an eyren* or serpent: 100.a. b. alias 3 ibid.
For ye Biteing of a spider or such like: 100.a For the Fluxe: 92.b.
For the Bloude that standes in any part G.
of man: 100.a. A Gellye for them that are brought lowe,
For one that spitteth Bloude: 96.a. &c. 97.b.
For broken Bones: &c: 99.b. For the Goute: 101.a.
Evill for the Brayne: 95.a. To make Gratia dei*: 97.b.
Good for the Brayne: 95.a. H.
For sorenes in the Breastes: 95.a. For Scabbye Handes: 99.a.
For womans Breastes that are sore for To destroye wormes in the Handes and
wante of suckeinge: 102.a. feete: 95.a.
For one that is Broken within: 102.a. To make Hayre growe: 95.b
for a Burninge with wilde fire: 103.b. Evill for the Hearte: 95.b
C. Good for the Hearte: 95.b.
For a Canker: 92.a.99.a. For fat aboute the Hearte: 95.b
For the Canker in the legges: &c: 94.b For kybed* Heeles: 100.a.
alias ibid. J* .
For the Chingles*: 94.b. For the blacke Jaundise: 102.a.
For the Collicke: 101.a. Implaistrum* fodicationum Paracelsi*
For a Consumption: 102.b. The vertues of this Implaister* : 91.b.
To make a man Couragious: 99.b. K.
An oyntement for a Cut, wounde, &c: L.
103.b. For a Laske*: 100.b.
D. A very good Lippe salve: 98.a.
A medicine for Deafenes: 103.a. For the heate of the Liver: 97.a
To make a very fine Dregge*: 97.a. To reflexe the Liver: 95.b.
A dyet* Drinke: 93.a. et b. 102. b. For the houlinge of ye Lunges: 96.b.
For the Dropsye: 96.b. M.
E. For Milke that is waxed harde in a
For wormes in the Eares: 95.b. womans breastes: 99.b.102.b
For the Emralds*: 99.a. For a woman that hath loste her Milke:
For the Eyes: 99.b. 100.a.103.a.
To make brighte Eyes: 96.a. For a woman that hath too much Milke
Evill for the Eyes: 95.a. 100.a.
For the Morphewe*: 96.b.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by JW