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Image 202, sixth book, folio 103b, receipts 152 to 161

The sixth booke
Take beanemeale, and seethe it wine, and implaister it thereto.
152. A good dreyne for gravel in ye raignes.
Take annyse a quarter ?, fennell seede, parcelye seede, commyn, carrawaye seede*,
gromwell, papworte, philipendula, cherrystone kyrnells, pyonns* clensed, rady[ch?]
mynte seede, faire thistle seede, an. ℥ .ij. licor as that suffice, & make a dregge hereof,
and use it ofte.
153. For the gowte in the raignes.
Take wymalue*, Maye butter, & honye, old swynes greace, stampe** all together
well, and anoynte the raignes ofte therewith.
154. An other.
Take neppe*, and stampe it, & wringe out the iuice, & drinke it, & it shall drive
out the bloude.
155. An other.
Take the roote of fennell, and stampe it, and seeth* it with ptisan**, & drinke
or eate it ofte, or drinke the iuice.
156. For burning with wild fire.
Take the ruste of iron, and hot strawe ashed, and brine, and put all together,
and laye thereto.
157. For noli me tangere*
Take oyle of wheate, & of allmondes, & anoynte it aboute, and it shall cease.
158. For the figge.*
Take ambrose, & yarrowe*, and seeth them together with water, and give him
to drinke that hath neede nine dayes, at morne hot, at even colde.
159. An other.
Take wayebrede, rue, mencaster, germander*, and ashe, stampe them together,
and temper* them with the white of an egge, and a little flowre, & make litle
cakes in a panne with sayme, and give it him nine dayes, each day one fastinge.
160. An other.
Take hartes horne, and blacke beanes, and rye,* and burne all together to pouder,
and put the pouder each daye in the sicke mans pottage tyll that he be whole.
161. An oyntemente for a cut, wounde, &c.
Take a pinte of ale that is good, as much allome as a stooleball*, three spoone,
fulls of honye, as much freshe g greace as three hasell nuts, put them all
together, & stirre them continuallye untill it will runne like newe honye,
and put it in an olde glasse, or anye suche thinge, then take a feather, and
anoynte the wounde therewith.
Heere endeth this booke.

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Transcribed by LF and JW