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Image 201, sixth book. folio 103a, receipts 146 to 151

The Sixthe booke fo. 103.
146. An execellente pultise* or plaister to heale anye
ulcer in the legge, or to take away ye ach thereof.
Take a pinte of fayre springe water, & halfe a pinte of fine wheate flower,
firste set your water on the fire, & let it seeth*, then take your wheate flower and
put it into your water by litle and litle, continually stirringe it tyll it bee very
thicke, then take a good spoonefull of hoggs greace, & put into it, & s[???] stirre it
aboute still, and allso put into it a good spoonefull of honye, allways stirringe it
tyll it be well medled* together, then take it of the fire, and strike thereof on a
clothe, accordinge to the largenes of the griefe*, & lay it to the griefe as
hot as may bee suffered, & by ye grace of God it will helpe.
147. An excellent medicine to restore heareinge, allthough
ye patient hath bene deafe a longe time.
Take twenty or thirtye hens eggs, more or lesse as you shall thinke good, and
seeth them on the fire tyll they bee verye harde, then take the yolkes from the
whites, and make them as small as may bee possible, then put them into
a very cleane panne, & set them over the fire, continuallye stirringe them
with some sclice* untyll there come an oyle from them, then seperate the
oyle from the egges, and powre it into a small viall to keepe for that
purpose: when you have any occasion to use it, take a droppe & put into
the patients eare, & so into the other, as neede require, untill he recover
his heareinge.
148. An excellente medicine to heal and drye up a
runninge or blistered sore.
Take halfe a pinte of tarre, and one good spoonefull of freshe hoggs greace,
and brimstone to the quantity of an hens egge beaten verye fine, mingle
these well together in an earthen panne, & heate them therein, continually
stirringe them, till they be readye to boyle, then take them of, and spreade
it upon a paper with a feather, and laye it to the sore.
149. An oyntemente to cause one to sleepe.
Take the oyle of roses, the oyle of violets, womans milke, wine vinegar, pop-
pye seede, & henbane seede, lettice seede, beate them to powder, & mixe
them, & let the temples of the heade, the pulses of the handes, and the
feete bee anoynted therewith.
150. To increase milke .
The hooves of the forefeete of a cowe dryed, & made in fine powder, increaseth milke in
nurses, if they eate it in theire pottage, or use it in theire drinke: and being caste on
burning coales, the smoke thereof doth kill mise, or at the leaste doth drive them
awaye. This Mizaldus* writes of the experimente of a certayne Spaniarde.
151. For weakenes in the raignes*.

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