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Image 199, sixth book, folio 102a, receipts 131 to 140

The sixthe booke. .fo.102.
the white of an egge, and laye it righte colde to thy foreheade and the
temples, and it will cease the ache.
131. A medicine for him that is sansofleamed*.
Take saxefrage which is called Jerusalem, still* it, and wet a fether in ye
water, and anoynte your face therewith everye daye in the morninge,
and at nighte.
132. For the Blacke iaundise*.
Take and let the patiente put on a newe payre of shooes, and put in the
shooes croppes* of broome, and a litle baye salte*, and put them on his feet,
and let him chafe his feete, well up and downe from one howse to another,
tyll that you see water come out of his shooes, and take his feete out, &
wipe them.
133. To make oyle of roses.
Take oyle ollife*, and rose leaves, and set it in the sunne, and change the
leaves everye fortenighte.
134. For deade fleshe.
Take the cornes* of salte, and sope**, and minge*** them all together, and laye
135. For womens breastes that are sore for
wante of suckeinge.
Take hartes horne*, and scrape it, and let her drinke it in what wine it be,
and let her use it twoe or three times, and shee shall be whole.
136. A water to make one fayre.
Take flowers of beanes, red roses, wilde tansye*, honysuckles of the hedge, of
each like muche, and braye* them a litle, and still them, and with that water
washe thy face.
137. For to put away spots in the face.
Take frankencens, and water of roses, amd minge them together, and
anoynte thy face therewith. Probatum est*.
138. A water for swellinge or disease in the mouth.
Take hartes tongue*, woodbine*, bawme leaves*, of each like much, and bray
them together, and washe thy mouth therewith, & it shall doe thee good.
139. For sorenes in the breaste.
Take hysop*, fenkell*, sugar, of each like muche, horehownde*, neppe*, ʒ
of lycoras*, and seeth them in a gallon of water to the thirde parte, & drinke
it in the morninge colde, and in the eveninge hot.
140. For one that is broken within.
Take rozen*, waxe, frankencens*, masticke*, swines grease, oyle ollife: mingle
all these together, then take the powder of commyn*, lynseede*, annys seede*,
fennell seede, myxe all these together, and laye a linnen clothe upon it,
and pinne it well together, and laye it to the sore place: Allso drinke-
stale ale, the roots of matfellin*, the roots of polypodye*, petty consounde*,
comferey, and dayseyes, stampe them all together, and drinke them
firste &

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Transcribed by KS and GB