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Image 197, sixth book, folio 101, receipts 116 to 123

The sixthe booke. .fo. 101.
116. For him that cannot pisse.
Take galbanum*, & lay it to the end of his yarde**, and for a woman, to her
navell, or drinke the croppes of red nettle: Allso drinke the powder of cri-
stall*, and thou shalte pisse well: Allso take eggeshells, and burne them
to powder, then sifte it through a linnen clothe, that the powder bee
small, and drinke it. Probatum est*.
117. For him that cannot holde his water.
Take saxifrage and drinke it, and burne the rootes, and make powder
thereof, and drinke it morninge and eveninge.
118. For man or woman that hath the pestilence*.
Take a good quantitye of madder*, and drye it, but not too muche, and
then braye* it in a morter, and after force it verye fine, then take a litle
of this powder, and put it in a cuppe of ale, and give the sicke to drinke
and hee shall be whole on warrentise*. Probatum est.
119. For the stone*.
Take garlicke & seeth* it in fayre water tyll it bee softe, but you muste
picke it fayre and cleane, and cut awaye the rootes of every clove, then
take it out of the water, and laye it upon towe*, and make it as a plaister,
and laye it upon a linnen clothe to the raignes* of your backe, or where
it grieveth you all nighte, and binde it faste to you with a roller aboute
you of linnen clothe. Probatum est. John Arne Sherman.
120. A medicine for the tooth ache.
Take daysies, alias grace dye*, a quantitye of them, and seaven** cornes of
baye salte, bruise them together, and strayne them through a cleane cloth,
and take the iuice*, and put it in a quill, and put the quill into thy nostrill
that the payne is on that side, and let it goe downe into your nostrill, and
through your mouth into your bodye, allso bee sure that you have
drinke by you, and drinke after.
121. A medicine for the collicke.
Take a pinte of ale, and set it over the fire, and skymme it, then take halfe
an handfull of time, and so seethe it to halfe a pinte, and strayne it, & drinke
it to bedwarde, and drinke it what time a daye you will, so that you drinke
not three howres after.
122. A medicine for the gowte*.
Take j id Of water cresses, and picke them cleane, and washe them, & bray
them in a morter, and strayne them through a cleane clothe, & put ye iuice
in an earthen pot, & boyle it over the fire, & skymme it cleane, & strayne
it cleane, & drinke 3 spoonefulls every morninge, & drinke not 3 hours after.
123. A medicine to make a man to pisse.
Take garlicke and time*, & mouseare**, & seeth them in fayre water, & then
take the water, & put it into a glasse, & drinke it nowe & then. Probatum est.
A medicine

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