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Image 196, sixth book, folio 100b, receipts 109 (contd) to 115

The sixthe booke.
Take wormewoode, cammamyll, commyn* seede, wheaten branne, nut-
megge, make a bagge, and put these in, and sprinkle it with aquacom-
posita*, and fill the griefe with it as hot as thou mayste suffer it,
for this is proved.
110. A remedye agaynst any kinde of ache.
Take hearbegrace*, goose grease, and aquacomposita, and mingle these
together, and anoynte the place, etc.
111. A medicine for the openinge of the pipes*.
Take powder of licoras*, and a litle of oatemeale, and put it in a linnen
clothe, and shake it through a linnen cloth, and a litle ale, and seethe*
it over the fire, wth the ale, & put thereto the powder of licoras, and
drinke it warme in the morninge.
112. A medicine for a laske*.
Take leaves that are called leaves lawrialls*, that groweth in woodes
underneath holme* by the grownde, and make a bagge of paper, &
put therein as much as you will, and so hange it up in your chaber
tyll it be drye, then take out thereof a quantitye, and make it in powder,
and put thereto a quantitye of kirnells of bayes in powder, and then take
a quantitye of sugar candye in powder thereto, and then put it all toge-
ther, then take thereof as much at three times as you can take up
with your thumbe & your forefinger, or five or sixe times, as ye man
or the woman maye beare it, then take a quantitye of ale, and put the
same powder in thereto, and make warme, & give it to man or wo-
man to drinke on morninges at three or fowre a clocke. Probatum est*.
Allso take three or fowre of the same leaves larialls, and put them
downewardes, and put them in your pot wherein you make pottage, and
it will make you laske: or five or seaven, or nine, or eleaven leaves,
and you may beare it well.
113. For the sciatica passio*.
Take a gallon of stale pisse of 22 dayes olde, and seeth it, and skymme
it cleane, and therewith anoynte the hippe bone downewarde, and as
hot as you maye suffer it by a fire of coales.
114. A medicine for the ague.
Take red myntes, and stampe* them, and then put thereto a litle treacle,
and strayne them both throughe a cloth, and take a litle oyle, warme it
and put these together, and give the sicke to drinke. Probatum est.
115. For the stronge ague.
Take a quarte of wine, and a pinte of water, and seeth them with these
hearbes, betanye, wormewoode, & motherworte, commyn, pimpernell*, roses,
and marigoldes, of each like much, and seeth them tyll it be sodden* to a pinte.
For him yt

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