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Image 192, sixth book, folio 98b, receipts 80 (contd) to 86

The sixthe booke.
it is somewhat warme, take it up in good bigge balles, and drawe it
with your handes oftentimes untill it be coloured like waxe, & so make
it up in fayre rowles*, and preserve it in alomed** leather, and when
you will occupye it, spreade it on the flesh side of the leather, and
laye it to the griefe.
81. For such as are called paralitici*.
Take oleum benedictum*, and therewith anoynte the necke pit behinde
oftentimes, and that will restore thy speeche: and allso anoynte well
the sicke place with mustarde agaynste the fire oftentimes, and after
washe it with wine, and anoynte that afterwardes with aquavitae*,
at morninge, & at nighte, if thou be yonge: if thou be aged, take a
spoonefull thereof, and a spoonefull of rosewater, and allso drinke
everye daye at morninge & at nighte treacle with stale ale, the
quantitye of three peasen*, at at one time a litle warme.
82. For the toothe ache.
Take the roote of betanye*, and drye it, and take an handfull of sage,
and a good quantitye of baye salte*, and stampe them all together, and
make powder thereof, and then take a litle thereof, and put it in a
linnen cloth, and wet it in aquavitae, and put it in the hollowe toothe,
and it will helpe thee.
83. An other for the same.
Take greene copporas*, to the quantitye of a nut, and as muche baye
salte, and a litle rosemarye fine shred, put these together, and make
litle bagges of linnen clothe, & fill it with the same powder, then laye
the bagge upon the sore toothe, holdeinge your teeth together, and let
the water runne out of your mouthe, but let it touche no linnen, for
it will stayne all thinges that it toucheth: and allso make your teeth
blacke: but heereafter followeth a remedy for the same.
84. A remedy to make teeth white.
Take a pinte of fayre water, and put therein time, rosemarye, sage, and
woodebine leaves, of eache like much, and as much roch allome* as the
quantitye of halfe a wallnut, and a good spoonefull of English honye,
and a let it seeth tyll it be halfe consumed, & it will make your teethe
white, if you wash them therewith, and allso it is good for a canker.
85. A powder for the stone.
Take fennell seede, annys seede, coryander, carrawaye, grunwell*
seede, parslye, Alexanders*, gallingall*, of eache an ownce, spignaull* a
quarter of an ownce, time seede as muche: beate all this into fine pow-
der, and with white wine, or malmesye*, give it to the patiente to
drinke, everye morninge and eveninge by the space of nine dayes,
and it will breake the stone by Gods grace.
86. For the swelling in the legges,
or feete.
Take water

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