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Image 190, sixth book, folio 97b, receipts 72 (contd) to 76

The Sixthe booke.
Take lycoras* a quarter of an ownce, annysseedes* halfe a quarter of an ownce,
sugar candye a quarter and an halfe, nutmegges twoe, mace two penyworth,
gallingall* a penyworth, setwell* a pennyworth, orrice* one roote, calamus* two
rootes, small coriander comfictes* ob, fennell comficts ob, ginger a penyworth,
elacampane* so much in quantitye as of the orrice, make this in grosse dregge*.
73. A gellye* for them yt be broughte
lowe, and cannot eate meate.
Take sixe calves feete, and a knuckle of veale, boyle these in a gallon
of water tyll the meate bee sodden* all to pieces, or verye soflye: then
take out the meate, and put it in three pintes of red wine, or claret:
then cynamon twoe ownces, ginger a quarter of an ownce, and sugar
twelve ownces, and let these boyle a litle more, and take it of the fire,
and let it runne throughe a wollen clothe, and let it stande tyll it be colde,
and you shall shall have a fayre gellye: Proved.
74. To make a comfortable syrrop of roses.
Take a gallon of fayre water, and put therein a pecke* of damaske rose
leaves, and let them stand all nighte therein, and in the morninge wringe
the rose leaves out with your handes, and put an other pecke of freshe
rose leaves into the same water, and let it stande as longe, and then set
it on the fire, roseleaves & all, and let it boyle tyll it be halfe sodden away,
and strayne the licor* cleane from the roseleaves into a fayre earthen
pot, and put therein three pownde of sugar, then set it on the fire
agayne, & let it boyle tyll it come to syrroppe, and if you will make
lesse in quantitye, then you must take lesse water, and lesse leaves, &
lesse suger, when you doo take of it, take not above fowre or five
spoonefulls at the moste, excepte it be to a stronge bodye.
75. To make gratia Dei*.
Take the iuice* of betanye*, and the iuice of verven*, and the iuice of pimper-
nell*, of each of them one pownde waighte, of perosin* fowre ownces, of
frankencens three ownces made in fine powder, a pounde of new waxe,
a pownde of rosen*, halfe a pownde of sheepes tallowe* the sweetest that
may be gotten, of good bastarde*, or osley* a pinte, and then set them on the
fire, and let them boyle softlye tyll it waxe thicke, then take it from ye fire,
clense it fayre throughe a clothe, and then set it on the fire agayne, and
put therein three ownces of oyle ollyffe*, and let it boyle softlye, ye space
of fowre pater noster whiles, and then take it of, & caste in it in a pewter
basin tyll it be colde, and then take it forthe, and cut it in pieces, and make
rowles* thereof, and put it in leather, or parchment, and so keepe it.
76. An oyntement for ye palsye.
Take rosemarye, wormewoode*, sage, cowslips, or primeroses, of each an
handfull, and choppe them all all as small as you woulde for a pot,
then put

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