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Image 180, sixth book, folio 91b, receipts 1 (contd) to 3

The sixthe booke.
sufficientlye sodden*, put a litle thereof into colde water, and if it be not
so softe that it will cleave to your fingers, it is well, but if it do cleave
to your fingers, then it is too softe, and therefore let it boyle longer,
untyll it be very well boyled: then at the length take it from ye fire,
and powre it into a greate basin full of water, and when it is well
cooled, that you may handle it with your handes, anoynte then your
handes with oyle of cammamyll*, or oyle of roses, and kneade it well
with your handes three or fowre howres, & so laye it up in a cleane
vessell. It will last above fiftye yeares, and be then as good as the
first day it was made.
2. The vertues of this implaister*
out of Paracelsus.
The vertues of this playster are innumerable: It is good for olde sores,
and newe sores: it dryeth, it clenseth, it breedeth good fleshe, it con-
firmeth, & comforteth, & healeth more in one weeke, then anye other
in a whole month: It will not suffer any sore to putrifye nor corrupt,
nor any deade flesh, or ill fleshe to growe: For synewes cut, bruised, or
pricked with a thorne, or otherwise, it is moste excellent: It draweth
out of woundes, iron, wood or leade, & other things, if you doe but laye
it thereon. And it is most excellent allso It cureth the biteings of ve-
nemous beastes, It causeth all kindes of imposthumes* or biles** to ri-
pen, if you doe laye it thereon. And it is most excellent allso against
a canker*, fistula*, shingles or St Anthonies fire*, etc: And allso a soveraigne
and present helpe to asswage all kindes of payne & aches, and for all
kindes of woundes. ¶* Allso I Thomas Potter have founde by often
experience that it is a singuler & speedye helpe for bones out of ioynt*,
so that by onlye laying on of twoe playsters of it, or three at ye moste,
I have healed perfectlye & soundlye in 14 dayes armes out ioynte, so that
the parties have had no payne nor weakenes after there: Allso for
foynes* or thrustes you must not tente* (excepte they matter afore
you come to them) but onelye lay on this over it, and twoe plaisters comoly
are sufficient to heale it or anye other sore or swellinge, etc.
But if deade fleshe be in a sore, afore this plaister be layde on it, it will
not destroye nor plucke it out, but if it finde none there, it will not suffer
anye to breede: When you laye up this playster, wrap it in oyled paper,
or oyled leather, or both: for it will keepe it the better from overmuche
dryinge, & laye it out of the sunne or winde.
3. An oyntement Triapharnicon*, for heate,
burnings, itches, and tetters*, etc.
Take an ownce of white leade, an ownce of lythargye* of leade, make them
both into very

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