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Image 179, sixth book, folio 91a, receipt 1

The sixthe booke. .fo. 91.
Heere beginneth an excellente booke of playsters, salves, diet
drinkes, purgations, potions, etc.
1. Paracelsus* his playster called implaistrum
fodicationum* Paracelsi, good for a great num-
ber of diseases, heere mentioned in the end of ye
receipte thereof, which heere followeth, trasla
ted of the Latine into Englishe by Thomas
Potter* esquire: 1583.
Take of these fowre gummes, that is to saye, galbanum*, oppoponax*, of
each an ownce, ammoniacum*, bdelium*, of each twoe ownces: Let them
be beaten all very small, and put them into an earthen pot leaded or
glazed, powring upon the same very good vineger of wine, & let them
so remayne a daye and a nighte, then boyle them in the same vineger
upon a gentle fire of coales, that the gummes may melte: and when
they be throughly melted, powre the same out hot into a bagge, & wringe
or presse well the same, that they may be clensed from theire dregges,
which dregges must be caste awaye. Take the sayd lycor so strayned
out, & let it boyle in a pot untyll the vineger be all sodden* awaye, and
utterlye evaporated: and in the boylinge, you must continually stirre it
without ceaseinge, least the gummes be burned, keepe this verye cleane,
and close covered, that nothing fall into it, then take oyle olive 2 pound,
new waxe halfe a pownde, and let them be put into an earthen pot well
leaded or glazed, such a one as is of sufficient bignes: Set the same over
a fire of coales, and let them melte softlye & by leysure: At ye lengthe,
put into it lythargie* beaten into very fine powder, a pownde and an halfe,
styrringe it continuallye with a sticke, or spatula, or such like, by litle &
litle untyll the thinges be well & throughly mixed together, & the matter
bee of a tawnye coloure: afterwarde take of the foresayde gummes that
were first boyled the quantity of a nut, and put the same into the sayde
matter, & so by litle and litle at severall times put into it such a like
quantitye of the sayd gummes at each time, tyll the sayd gummes be all
put in, and be well mixed with the other thinges, & melted. And you
must take heede withall, least the matter beinge overmuch heated, doe
boyle over, and runne into the fire: for it is very hot of it selfe. After-
warde put into it these thinges followinge: Take of the twoe kindes
of aristologia rotunda*, calaminaris*, myrrhe*, frankencens*, of everye
of them an ownce: Beate them into very fine powder, that are to be made
in powder, & put them into the sayd matter, and powre upon the same of
oyle of bayes an ownce, and lastlye put therein pure & fine turpentine
fowre ownces: let them boyle, and stirre them aboute continuallye with
very greate diligence: and when you will knowe whether they be well &

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