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Image 177, fifth book, folio 90a, Index A to J

The table of the fifthe booke. .fo. 90.
Heere followethe the table of For the winde Collicke: 78.a.alias ibid.
the booke above written. To helpe Conception hindered throughe
A. fatnes: 83.b.
For all manner of Aches: 76.b. For the drye Coughe: 89.a.
For Ache in the heade: 76.a. et b. For the perilous Coughe: 79.a.
87.a. alias ibid. 78.a. et b. Agaynst the Crampe: 82.b.
For Ache in the ioyntes*, or bodye: D.
79.b. A remedye agaynste Deafenes: 77.
For Ache in the teethe: 76.b. alias a. et b. 80.b. 81.b. 89.b. alias ibid.
ibid. 84.a For one that is, or will bee Dronken:
For an Adder or Snake creepinge 81.a. et. b.
into man or beaste: 80.b. E.
For all manner of Agues: 78.b. 87.b. For the evill in the Eares: 79.b.
To alay ye heate of an Ague: 87.b. For anye quicke thing that is crepte
For an Ague in a womans breaste, into the Eare: 88.a.
etc: 84.b. For one yt cannot Eate well: 80.a.
B. For the Emraldes*: 77.b.
To remedye Baldenes of ye heade: For ye Eyes: 81.a. et.b. 82.b. 83.a.
77.a. For ye pricke or stripe* in ye apple
For rumbling in ye Bellye: 79.a. of an Eye: 85.b.
For wormes in the Bellye: 80.a. F.
For them that are Bewitched: 78.a. To make the Face fayre: 77.a. 89.a.
For ye biteinge of Biteinge of a mad For him yt hath a red Face: 77.a.
dogge: 88.a. For red blaynes* in the Face: 79.b.
For one yt pisseth Bloude: 83.a. For a Fellon*: 79.a. 84.a. 85.b. 88.a.
For one yt spitteth Bloude: 84.a. For the Fluxe* 78.b.
To staunche Bloude: 76.a. For ye bloodye Fluxe: 79.a. 83.a.
To staunche the Bloude of a vaine: For one that is Franticke: 81.b. 82.
89.a. a. et b.
To drawe out a broken Bone: 80.b. To take awaye Freckles: 76.a.
To clense the Bowells: 89.b. For Freckles in the face: 88.a.
To comforte the Brayne: 83.a. et b. G.
For sore Breastes: 85.a. For all manner of Goutes: 77.b. 78.b.
For a womans Breastes: 78.b. 79.a. 80.b.
For the hardenes of a womans An implayster* called Gratia dei*: 84.b.
Breastes: 83.b. H.
For a stinkeinge Breathe: 80.a. To make Hands white, and softe: 81.
For one that is Broken: 81.b. 82. a. 83.b. alias ibid.
b. 83.a. To cause Hayre to growe: 82.a.
To avoyde all humors, & corruption For evill humors comeinge from the
by Bruiseinge: 88.a. Heade: 83.a.
For a Burning, or scaldinge: 85.a. For the noise or husheing* in ye Heade:
C. 89.a.
For a Canker*: 88.b. Agaynste the vanities of ye Head: 84.b.
Agaynst Chappes in hands, etc: 84.b. To comfort ye Hearte, etc: 82.a.
For the Collicke: 84.a. For Hoarsenes of ye voyce: 81.a.
For the yellowe Iaundice*: 89.b.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by GB and KS