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Image 175, fifth book, folio 89a, receipts 189 (contd) to 196.

The fifthe booke. .fo. 89.
it faste, and set it on the fire tyll it be boyled halfe awaye, and still
as the scumme riseth, uncover it softelye, & take it awaye, then strayne
it into a fayre vessell, and drinke thereof morninge and evening fowre
ownces at a time. And then take your guyacum* agayne, & foure quarts
more of fayre water, and boyle them tyll one be consumed, & then strayne
that as before, & drinke that at your meate, use this one monthe, and
you shall be whole.
190. To make a water to heale a tetter* pocke*.
Take an ale pinte of fayre planten* water, & halfe an ownce of
marberesebelum*, and beate it as fine as flower**, and then take a
glasse, and put your water into it, and take your marberesebelum,
put it into your water by litle and litle at once, and shake it well
together tyll it be all in, and that you can finde nothinge in ye bottome
of the glasse, and then take you twoe pennye wayte* of camphire**,
but firste take you a fayre morter, and then take an allmonde, and
blanche it, and put it into the morter, & beate it small, and take
your camphire, and put to the allmonde, and beate them both together,
and then put them both into your water, and all to shake them toge-
ther, then washe you upon the sores tyll they shall leave itcheinge,
and bee so sore that you can scarce touche it, and when you shall
washe you, put out some of the water into a dishe by it selfe.
191. For the drye coughe.
Take annys seede*, and ashe seedes, and violet seedes, of eache like
muche, and beate it to powder, and temper* it with wine as the quan-
titye doth require, and seeth* it tyll it waxe thicke, then let ye sicke
use it first and laste tyll hee bee whole.
192. To staunch the bloude of a veyne or sinewe.
Take the red nettle, and the coole* leafe, and an hot hogges turde mingled
well therewith, then laye it on the wounde, and it will staunche it on
193. For one that cannot holde his water.
Take the Cleave* of an hogge, and burne it to powder, lettinge it bee
very small, & use it in your meate, & you shall soone bee whole.
194. For the falling evill*.
Take the bone of a deade man, and make powder thereof, & give it him to
drinke, this is the beste medicine therefore.
195. To make a face looke white.
Take freshe boares greace, and the white of an egge, & temper them
together with a little powder of bayes, & anoynte your face therewith.
196. For the noyse, or husheinge* in the heade.
Take a woodcrabbe* roasted, and laye it to the eare in a linnen clothe, as
hot as you maye suffer it, or to both your eares, & use this sixe or seaven
times, or

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Transcribed by GB and KS