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Image 174, fifth book, folio 88b, receipts 184 to 189

The fifthe booke.
184. Agaynst the belcheinge of the stomacke.
Take the flowers, and rindes of pomegranets, and beate them into
powder, then boyle them in vineger, & take a sponge, and dippe it into
it, and bath your stomacke therewith, and the payne shall cease.
“185. To make a receipte for to sweate. +
2 Take sixe ownces of pompillin*, and sixe ownces of barrows greace*,
Blue and two ownces of oyle of baye, & halfe an ownce of quickesilver*, & take
ointment your quickesilver, and put it in a brazen morter, and take as muche
turpentine as twoe small nuts, and put it to your quickesilver, &
stirre it tyll you can see no quickesilver in it, & tyll it looke blewe,
and then take your oyle of baye, and put to it, & stirre them together
a good while, & then take your popillin, & barrowes greace, & beate
them all together, tyll they be all one, & this is your receipte.
186. When you shall sweate, doe as followeth.
3 Firste make your chamber close that no ayre come in, where you
shall lye and sweate, and make a good fire of coales in it, then strippe
your selfe naked by the fire, & take as much as an hasell nut, and
anoynte your selfe in everye ioynte* of the bodye when you shall
lye to sweate, and then lye downe in your bed, and cover you warme,
and let it be sixe howres before you sweate throughlye, & then sweat
well fowre howres, and then after fowre howres be past, withdwraw
your clothes by litle & litle for the space of eighte howres, and then
arise and keepe your selfe warme for the space of two or three
howres, and then anoynte you agayne as before, and lye downe and
sweate as you did, and do so fowre dayes, and see that you drinke
no colde drinke, nor eate no salte meate, nor leavened breade, nor
take no colde ayre in all your sweate, nor in sixe dayes after: and
beware that you take no colde ayre at your mouthe, but wash your
mouthe with warme alome* water, etc.”
187. For a canker*.
Take a hares foote, and burne it to powder, and drinke it with stale
ale, and hee shall soone be whole.
188. To make a purgation.
4 Take an apple of colloquintida*, and put it into a pinte of good ale,
and take halfe an handfull of senye*, & put to it, and seeth** it halfe
awaye, and strayne it, and drinke sixe or seaven spoonefulls thereof
fasting ye sixth daye after your sweate, & keep you verye warme all
that daye.
189. To heale morbum Gallicum* by drinke. +
Take guyacum* one pownde, and put it in a fayre earthen pot, and
put fowre wine quartes of fayre runninge water to it, & stoppe
it faste, and

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Transcribed by GB and KS