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Image 173, fifth book, folio 88a, receipts 174 (contd) to 183

The fifthe booke. .fo. 88.
and halfe an handfull of hisop*, spirigges**, and twoe or three fennell rootes, and as
manye parslye rootes, and seeth* all these in a gallon of fayre runninge water
well scummed, but firste let the roots & hearbes be well stamped*, Then skymme
the water oftentimes as the hearbes doe seeth tyll all the hearbes bee consumed:
then strayne the water into a cleane vessell with halfe a pownde of allmondes
blaunched, and beaten well, and strayned with the water, and drinke it so, when
it is well cleared.
175. A medicine to avoyde all humors, and all
corruption by bruiseinge.
Take the powder of pulius benedicta*, a pennyworth is enough at times to
drinke: but it must be dronke with ale or beere.
“176. For the freckles in the face.
Take the leaves of radishe, and lillies: and stampe them with honye, and then dames
seeth them in olde wine, and therewith anoynte the freckles in a womans visage,*[*] go to town
and this is a good water for bruises and synewes that be cut. Probatum est.*”
177. To make a readye deliveraunce for a woman that
traveleth* with childe, when her throwes* come
not readilye.
Take the rootes of polipodye*, and stampe them, and binde them under the soles
of her feete, and the childe shall be borne though it be deade.
178. An other for the same.
Take the seede of wilde commyn* as it groweth in the hearbe, and the wooll that
groweth in the middest of the fronte of a sheepe, put these twoe together, and when
neede is, binde them to her raignes*, but as soone as shee is delivered, take
it awaye, or els the matrix* will followe after.
179. An other for the same.
Take leekeblades*, and scalde them, and then as hot as shee may suffer them, laye
and binde them to her navell, and shee shall be delivered anon, thoughe the
childe bee deade: but take it awaye, as soone as shee is delivered, or els all will
come after it.
180. To deliver a woman of a deade childe.
Take rue, vervayne*, hysop, mugworte*, and woodroofe*, of each like muche,
stampe it, and strayne it with warme water, and then drinke it.
181. For the biteinge of a mad dogge.
Take rewe, and stampe it, and meddle* the iuice** of it with honye, and salte, and
drinke some parte thereof, and laye the other to the all place bitten, and thou
shalte be whole by Gods grace.
182. For any quicke* thinge that is crepte into ye eare.
Take the iuice of rue, or suthernewoode*, or wormewoode*, and put it into the
183. For a fellon*.
Take sowre leaven*, greate salte*, & vineger, and boyle them together, then laye
it thereto hot, and it will kyll it within shorte time.
Agaynste the

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