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Image 168, fifth book, folio 85b, receipts 153 (contd) to 157

The fifthe booke.
a pownde of colloppe honye*, and a pinte of oyle, and put all these
into the iuice* of the hearbes, and set them over the fire, and seeth** them,
and stirre them well for running over, and tyll they be thicke & well
medled* together, then take a gallon of fayre water, and put it into a
broade vessell, then take a yarde of linen cloth, called minster* of the
strongest for a strayner, then let two holde the sayd strayner of water,
then let an other take a ladle, and put the salve into the strayner, and so
strayne it into the water, and when it is colde, anoynt your hands either
with oyle of May butter*, and so take it up, and make it in rowles** as you
thinke beste.
154. To make an excellent oyntement of
the aforesayde hearbes.
Take all the hearbes beforesayde that you had to make the salve, and shred
them as small as hearbes to the pot, then put them into a fayre bras pane,
and put to them a gallon of oyle olliffe*, and two pownd of May butter,
halfe a pownde of newe waxe, and put all these together in ye panne
to the hearbes, and let them stande so nine dayes, and once every day
stirre them well together, and at the nine dayes end, take & set them
on the fire, and boyle them together tyll they be all melted and well
medled together, then strayne them into a fayre vessell, & leave nothing
behinde in the strayner that you can get throughe, then put your oile
into some sweete pot that hath had eyther oyle, or freshe grease in it
before, and so keepe it close stopte tyll you shall have occasion to occupye
it, you must make this oyle between May & Bartholomewtide*.
155. A medicine for a pricke or stripe* in ye apple of ye eye.
Take the marrowe of a goose winge that hath bene long killed, and
put thereof in the eye of the patient: if that helpe it not, then take and
put to the sayde marrowe a little newe fastinge spittle*, and temper it
well together, and put that into the eye of the patiente, and by Gods
grace hee shall have helpe in shorte time.
156. A medicine for a fellon*.
Take a quarter of a pinte of good wine vineger, and somewhat more than
halfe so much of the crummes of whole white breade, and allmoste so
muche honye as the breade cometh to, and seeth them all together on the
fire untill they be thicke, and then make thereof a plaister, and laye to
the fellon.
157. To make a very good salve.
Take nighteshade*, rybworte*, myllfollye*, otherwise called yarrowe*,smallage
smallage*, three croppes* thereof, allso an hearbe that groweth in ye fallow
called cudworte*, a few woodbine* leaves, and a few planten* leaves, of
of each of all these like muche, then take and beate them all together, then
beinge well beaten, strayne them through a fayre clothe, then put
thereto a like

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Transcribed by GB and KS