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Image 165, fifth book, folio 84a, receipts 134 (contd) to 144

The fifthe booke. .fo. 84.
Take a dramme or twoe of agarici* trocisthati* in the fourme of pylles**, or
otherwise : then let him drinke a little wine, and he shall bee whole.
135. A remedy for one that wanteth sleepe
through frensines*.
Take and shave away the hayre with a rasor, & anoynte the heade with ye froth
or fome, which swimmeth upon creame, and he shall sleepe forthwith.
136. To preserve a man from vomiting on the sea.
Take and drinke the iuice* of wormewoode**, and you shall not vomyt.
137. To take away the tooth ache.
Take hysop*, & make thereof a decoction** with vinegar, & beinge hot,
washe thy mouth withall, & the payne of the teeth shall goe awaye: Isop*
allso being stamped*, & incorporated, and a little vitrum* killeth the wormes
in a mans bodye.
138. To ripe* a fellon*, botch* or cats hayre*, or
any other swellinge sore.
Take hoggs sewet*, or grease, or larde, and lay it on the sore, or botch, and
it will ripe incontinente*. Allso hee that hath anye lice or nits in his heade,
let him anoynte his heade with it, and rubbinge it well with the sayd sewet,
or larde, they will dye.
139. To make a womans milke to increase.
Take fennell seede, and seeth* it in barly water, and give the woman to drinke
of it, and her milke shall increase aboundantlye.
140. For imposthumes*, botches, or cankers*
or other swellinges.
Take barlye, and branne, and seethe them untyll they be like unto a plaister*
verye thicke, and laye it on the sore, and it shall helpe muche.
141. For one that spitteth bloude.
Take fine rye flower*, and make thereof a cake, and when it is baked, give
it the patiente to eate as hot as hee may suffer it, & it shall doe him greate
142. To heale a ringworme*.
Take and burne a piece of course linnen, and when it is kindled, put on a
cleane plate of iron, or els on a dishe, and there it will leave a certayne
moystnes*, with which anoynte the ringworme, & it will heale it.
143. A remedy agaynst ye belching of
the stomacke.
Take the leaves of rue in the middell of May, and still* them, and let the pa-
tient drinke thereof first and last two or three ownces: And allso it will ex-
pell all the ventositye* out of the bodye.
144. To heale the collicke.
Take of sage, of artemysta* called mugworte*, of smallage*, of each like quan-
titye, boyle them in good wine untyll the third parte be consumed, & being
strayned, give the sicke to drinke fowre ownces or somewhat more at a
time, and hee shall bee whole.
A good

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