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Image 164. fifth book, folio 83b, receipts 123 to 134

The fifthe booke.
123. To make handes white.
Wash thy hands often times in the water of nettle seeds, or poppy seede.
124. For shakeinge of a mans handes.
Wash thy handes in the water of cinkefoyle* oftentimes, and rubbe them
therewith, and let it dry agayne by it selfe, etc.
125. For scabbes on the leggs.
Wette a cloute* in the water of cammamyll**, and laye it on the sore legge,
bycause it slaketh the heate, and softeneth the payne, & it dryeth & healeth it.
126. To unstoppe & clense* the bowels.
Take verven* water, & morninge and eveninge drinke an ownce and an
halfe each time, for it is good agaynst the stoppeinge both of ye stomacke,
and bellye, or guttes, etc.
127. To strengthen the brayne & to helpe the memorye.
Drinke an ownce and an halfe of the water of carduus benedictus* in the mor-
ninge fasteinge, for it both comforteth the brayne, & helpeth the memorye.
“ 128. To comforte & strengthen the synewes.
Take and rubbe thy synewes oftentimes with the water of mulberries,
and let it drye by it selfe, for it comforteth the synewes, & strengthneth them. “
129. To heale the choakinge of the matrix*, when
it cannot returne agayne.
Take greene rewe*, and braye* it well, and myxe it with honye, and dippe
wooll therein made in fourme of a tente, & put it into the fundamente*, and
presently it will be awaked, and returne agayne to it selfe.
130. A remedye for a woman that for
fatnes cannot conceive.
Take the hearbe betonye, and make it into powder, and give unto ye woman
one dramme to drinke thereof in halfe an ownce of the water distilled of
that hearbe, and it will doe the effecte.
131. A very profitable medicine for the hardnes of a
womans breastes after they are broughte to bed.
Take wheaten branne, and seeth* it in the iuice** of rue, and lay it upon her
breastes that bee hardened after her lyeing downe, and they will waxe softe
and supple: Allso it is a good medicine agaynst ye biteing of venemous beasts.
132. For one that hath his cods* swollen.
Take rue, and stampe* it, and laye it upon the cods, and they will swage*
immediatelye theire swellinge, which thing hath bene well proved.
133. To make the handes white.
Take the iuice of a lemmon, with a little baye salte, and washe your handes
with it, and let them drye of themselves, & wash them agayne, and you
shall finde all the spots & staynes gone; It is allso good agaynst the scurfe*
and scabbes.
134. To remedye ye payne of ye stomacke.
Take a

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