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Image 163, fifth book, folio 83a, receipts 113 (contd) – 122

The fifthe booke. . fo. 83.
a little poppye: this ptison* breedeth good bloude in them that be whole, and
maketh a good & cleare sighte in them that have a whole brayne: this
ptison is to be given to them that are whole, as well as to them yt are sicke.
“114. To doe awaye the webbes* in the eye.
Take cuttelbanus*, and put it in an earthen pot full, and stoppe it rounde
about with claye, and burne it tyll it be powder, and then breake it, & serse*
it small, and put it into the eye, and it breakes away the webbe: and it
cleares the eyes: this hath bene proved.”
115. For a drye liver.
Take a quarte of ale, and a pinte of white wine, an handfull of liverworte,
isop*, and pennyroyall, of each an handfull, lycoras** a good quantitye, some
honye, two pennyworth of sugercandye, then seeth* these well together, and
drinke thereof very warme firste and laste fowre dayes together, and in
that time drinke no newe drinke, nor eate newe breade.
116. For the fallinge evill*.
Take the roote of pyonye*, and the seed thereof, and make pouder thereof, then
let the patient drinke thereof with stale ale halfe a spoonefull at a time warme
first and laste for eyghte dayes together, and let the patiente beare the roote
aboute him eighte weekes, and when the fitte is come on the patiente, take &
pricke his lefte hande, and write these three names, Jasper, Melchior, & Balthasar.
117. For the humors that come from ye heade.
Take comfirke* powder, of masticke, with white wine, & the white of an
egge, & the powder of olibanum*, & lay this playsterwise to the temples:
Allso masticke often times chewed in the teeth maketh them white, & steadye,
& wasteth the superfluous humors, & purgeth the ill humors of ye brayne, etc.
118. For the bloodye fluxe*.
Take purceline* water, and drinke thereof three or foure dayes continueinge,
it is good agaynst the fluxe: Allso the temples of the heade being washed with
it ceaseth the fluxe, and beinge dronke it cooleth the liver.
“119. To comforte the brayne.
Take and drinke an ownce & an halfe of rosewater mixed with white wine
both comforteth & strengthneth the brayne, & maketh man couragious, &
comforteth all the substance of the harte.”
120. Agaynste the stone and gravell.
Take and drinke two ownces of the water of dogges berries* in ye morninge
and at nighte: It clenseth and breaketh the stone and the gravell, & causeth
one to pisse plentifullye.
121. For one that hath his guts fallen into his cods*.
Take and drinke the water of elacampane*, & red mynte water is good for it.
122. For one that pisseth bloude.
Take and drinke of the water of the leaves of an oake an ownce and
an halfe eveninge and morninge, and hee shall bee whole by the
grace of God.
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