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Image 162, fifth book, folio 82b, receipts 102 (contd) to 113

The fifthe booke.
it causeth hayre to growe if thou be balde.
103. Agaynst the crampe.
Take the water of dyll, in the morninge and at nighte, and it is good allso for
for one that doth perbrake* too muche, and hee shall amende.
“104. For one that hath loste his minde.
Take and shave of the hayre of the moulde* of his heade, then take archangell**,
and stampe* it, and binde it to his heade where it is shaven, and let him take a
sleepe therewithall, and when he awaketh, he shall be righte weake, and
sober enoughe.”
105. To close a wounde.
Take a little planten*, and make an oyntemente of the iuice thereof, with bar-
rowes* grease, and sheepes tallowe, and turpentine, frankencens, and waxe:
meddle* all these together, and make a salve thereof.
106. Agaynste the pestilence*.
Take the powder of turmentyll*, with the water of scabeas**, if it be drunke
at the beginninge of the sickenes, it will doe greate good.
107. For limmes*[*] that are beaten or bruised.
Take grounsell*, and seeth** it in wine, it is good for the ache of the limmes that
are beate or bruised, for it taketh away the swellinge forthwith, and abateth ye
payne or ache, allso an oyntemente made therewith, is good to close woundes,
and to ripe* them.
108. For all scabbes and botches*.
Take and seeth the iuice of scabias in oyle and vineger, take it be somewhat
thicke, and anoynte the scabbed places therewith.
109. To make a woman fruitefull.
Take and drinke an ownce and a halfe of the water of yellowe violets three or
foure weekes continueinge is good to make her fruitefull. Allso drinke of
the same water first and laste at each time an ownce is good for them that have
loste theire wits, for it doth comforte them, & restore them agayne.
110. To multiplye & increase sperme, and lecherye.
Take & drinke an ownce & an halfe of the water of radishe roots, & it will do it.
111. For one that hath a dymme sighte.
Take the water of verven*, put it into your eyes once or twice a day, and it
strengthneth them, and bringeth the shineinge agayne, anoynte them with it:
It is good for the pyles, if a cloth be wet, and layde to them. If an ownce
and an halfe be dranke in the morninge, it breaketh the stone.
112. For one that is broken.
Take the powdere of bloudeworte*, and eate thereof in your meate, for it
resolveth marveilouslye.
113. To make a ptisan* with barlye.
Take barlye, and stampe it, so that the hulls* may bee taken awaye, and of the
cleanest take a certayne measure, and two times so much water, and seeth
it tyll it come to one measure, and then strayne it, and drinke thereof, for it is
good to keepe health, and to moisten the bodye, & if the patient will be more
cooled, put thereto a little vineger, and if he bee of a hot nature, put thereto
a little

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Transcribed by GB and KS