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Image 161, fifth book, folio 82a, receipts 95 to 102

The fifthe booke. . fo. 82.
be whole: for it is a thinge well proved.
95. For the fallinge sickenes*.
Drinke betonye water one and fortye dayes continuallye, for it is very good a-
gaynst the fallinge sickenes.
96. For one that is taken.
Take an handfull of parslye, an handfull of saverye*, halfe an handfull of hisop**,
and of unset leekes* halfe an handfull, of marygolds halfe an handfull, and of
unset time*, rosemarye, clivers**, woodroofe, red sage, sinkefielde***, & succorye****, of
each of all these half an handfull, and three braunches of lavendercotton*, and
three braunches of lungeworte*, and halfe an handfull of violets: stampe all these
together, and seeth* them in three pintes of white wine, and put into it a blacke
flinte stone, and strayne them, and put to it twoe nutmeggs, and twoe races*
of ginger, of graynes* ob.[S] beate all these to powder, and put these spices into
a litle bagge, and put it into the drinke, and let it hange in it, and take halfe
a handfull of dill, and as much verven*, and as much succorye, & nightshade,
and binde them together, and laye it in the drinke, then drinke of it first and
laste twoe spoonefulls at a time, and eate a little marmalade after it.
97. A playster* for the same.
Take of nighteshade halfe an handfull, and of dyll, of verven, of hearbe John*,
of chickeweede, of hearbe bennet*, of each of these an handfull, and of hogworte**
of red mintes, of each halfe an halfe an handfull, and an handfull of mercurye*
take and choppe all these together, and seeth them in water, and put thereto a
penny loafe of white breade, and halfe a pownde of sweete butter, and stirre
them all together, and when it is well sodden, lay it on a cleane cloth, & make
a plaister* of it, and laye it on the griefe**, etc.
98. To comforte the hearte, and all other
partes of the bodye.
Take of the water of angelico*, and drinke thereof everye morninge: it is
verye good for that use.
99. To drive away malancholye.
Take and use to drinke eyther the iuice* or water of horehounde** certayne times,
and it is good agaynste madnes.
100. For one that cannot pisse bycause of the stone.
Drinke the water of tansye, for it is good agaynste the payne of the stone, and
causeth a man to pisse well.
101. For him that hath lost his minde.
Take the iuice of goldes*, of sage, and of wormewoode**, of each a spoonfull, and
take as much of white wine, and put to it, and let him drinke it at even, &
as much in the morninge colde, and doe this five dayes together, and he shall
be whole.
old dandies 102. To cause hayre to growe.
cosmetics Take the water of flowerdeluce*, and washe thy heade therewith, and it shall cause
hayre to growe: Also the water of rosemary hath the same vertue, if thou
washe thy heade with the same water, and let it drye on agayne by it selfe,
it causeth

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Transcribed by GB and KS