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Image 159, fifth book, folio 81a, receipts 78 to 88.

The fifthe booke. .fo.81.
grieved daylye, and within two monthes it will be whole by Gods grace.
"78. For one that is or will be drunken.
Take swallowes and burne them, and make a powder of them, and give the
drunken man thereof to drinke, and he shall never be drunken heereafter."
79. To make handes white and softe.
Take sope well purged, and take the ashes of a vine, & myxe them well
together tyll they be well incorporate the one with the other, and washe
your handes with it in the morninge, and they will be most softe & white ?g
as snowe: which thinge is well proved.
80. For the itche.
Take blacke sope.ob. and boares greace a pennyworthe, beate them together
in water, and anoynteing with it healeth the itche.
81. For one that is swollen in the bodye.
Take burre rootes*[*], & scrape them cleane, and slyce them thinne, and seeth them
in ale untyll it be halfe wasted*, & then strayne it, and drinke thereof evening
and morninge. Probatum est*.
82. To cure the disease of the spleene.
Take lignum aloe*, and make thereof a powder, and put it in some manner
of broth, or wine, as much as will lye on a groate*, and let him take of it three
mornings together: Allso the seed of an ashe tree will doe the like: And the
roote of palma Christi* if it be taken nine morninges fasteinge.
83. For the strangurian*.
Take the barke of a powndgardner*, and beate it to powder, and a litle psly
dryed into powder, and drinke thereof with a pinte of red wine warme firste
and last five dayes.
84. For the eyesighte.
Take a litle alehoofe, and a litle housleeke*, and bruise them, and put a litle
of the iuice* thereof into the eyes.
85. A presente remedy for all manner
of griefes aboute the stomacke.
Take a quantitye of wormewoode, as much sage, and as much hearbegrace*,
and seeth*[*] these hearbes in a pinte of white wine untyll it bee halfe
wasted, and then take out the hearbes, & put to the licor a pennyworth of
treacle*, & drinke as longe as it lasteth eveninge and morninge, &c.
86. A remedye for the hoarsenes of ye voyce.
Take pennyroyall & seeth it in fayre water, and when it is well sod*, take
out some in a dishe, & put a litle suger to it, and drinke thereof hot three or
fowre nightes to bedwarde*, & it will cleare the voyce.
87. Agaynst the stingeing of a scorpion.
Take pennyroyall eyther drye or greene, and stampe* it with good wine, and
make thereof a playster, and laye it upon the wounde or stingeinge of the scor=
pion, & hee shall bee safe, and sounde, and healed.
88. A good medicine to cause milke to come in a womans breaste.
Take parslye

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