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Image 157, fifth book, folio 80a, receipts 63 to 69.

The fifthe booke. .fo.80.
linnen cloth and wet therein: & take the first playster awaye, and
lay thereto the sowety* cloth as hot as he may suffer it, & he shall be
whole, &c.
"63. A confection for one that cannnot eate well.
Take the iuice* of fennell two parts, & the third of honye, and seeth** them
together tyll it be as thicke as honye, and put pepper to it, & take every
day fastinge two or three spoonefulls thereof, &c."
64. A powder for all manner of sickenes in mans bodye.
Take the seed of smallage, & of bayes, & the roote of turmentyll*, & the
roote of quilelye, & the roote of philipendula, & the seed of gromwell*,
& the seede of saxifrage, & the seed of stanmarch*, & the blacke seed of
thistle flowers, & of gallingall, & canell,* & ginger: & bray** all these
in a morter, & make powder, & use thereof first and last, &c.
65. For wormes in the bellye.
Take neppe* & stampe** it with hot red wine, or other wine, & when
thou feelest thyself grieved, drinke thereof, & thou shalle be helpen
by Gods grace.
66. For a stinkeing breathe.
Take two handfulls of commyn*, & make of it a powder, & seeth
it, & temper* it in good wine from a pottle to a quarte, & let the patiet
drinke thererof first & last as hot as he can suffer it, and hee shall bee
whole within fifteene dayes on warrentice*.
67. A soveraigne medicine for one that hath a
swelling or ach in his knees or ioyntes*.
Take lovage, & rue, and stampe them, & mingle them with honye, and
frye them well together, & make a playster, and laye it to the sore,
and he shall be whole by Gods grace.
68. A remedye for ye running of the raigns.*
Take glovers patches of white leather that they make gloves of, and
wash them cleane with warme water, then put them in a panne with
fayre water, & seeth them two or three houres very well tyll they
be thicke, then take & put a lynnen cloth, two folde into the hot water
and patches, and as hot as you may suffer it, lay the warme clothe
to the raignes of your backe every eveninge and mornine, and for the
space of five dayes, and every time dippe the cloth a freshe in that
water & patches being made hot, and it shall make him to be whole
of ye complexion yt it wast not agaynst your will by Gods grace.
69. Agaynst the swellinge in a mans bellye.
Take greene rue, and washe it, and stampe it, and temper it with ale,
water, or white wine, and let the sicke drinke thereof, and he shall
bee whole.
For the

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