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Image 156, fifth book, folio 79b, receipts 53 to 62,

The fifthe booke.
the stone in gravell*: for proofe heereof, when the pisse and the bloude
is in the bladder, put a stone into it, it beinge warme, and that stone
shall be consumed to gravell, &c.
53. For the stone.
Take vervayne, betonye, saxifrage, egrimonye*, of each like much, then
stampe* them together, & strayne them with a litle water, this is a good
drinke for the stone &c.
"54. A medicine agaynst all manner of infirmityes.
A piece of foolish Take & drinke a cupfull of the iuice* of betonye, the first thursday in May,
witchcraft. & he shall be delivered from all manner of disease for that yeare."
55. For the evill that is in a mans eares.
Take the iuice of centorye*, & mingle it with the greace of an eele, or
the iuice of rue, or wilde tansye, and put it into the eares, &c.
56. To cause one to goe to stoole*.
Take spurge* & bruise it in a vessell, and take cleane well water luke-
warme, and laye the spurge in it, and then wringe it three or fowre times,
then strayne it through a cloth, and then warme let the sicke drinke
thereof, and walke a while after it, and he shall have a siege*, &c.
57. An other for ye same.
Take grey sope, & scrape thereof into his pottage, when it is hot, and
stirre them togeher tyll the sope be melted, then let him eate of it,
and within a while he shall have a seige*, &c.
58. For the canker* in a womans pappes** to kill it.
Take the dunge of a white goate, and the iuice of cellondine, and braye*
them together, and laye it to the sore pappe, & it will kill the canker:
myllisum potatum stringit fluxum sanguinis.*
59. For the megrime*.
Take the iuice of primerose leaves, and put it into the nose lying up=
righte a while, & then let him turne him grovelinge, & hold an eggeshell
under his nose, and there will come out foule matter, and it will cleare
the sighte, and steye the ache ever after.
60. For the scabbes on a mans bodye.
Take horehounde, cellondine, mugworte, sorrell, delvise, elacampane*,
of each like much & seeth* then in fayre water tyll halfe bee wasted,
& therewith washe the bodye with it very warme every day tyll hee bee
whole, &c.
61. For the red blaynes* in a mans face.
Take the roote of borrage, salte, & temper* them together with easyll**,
and wash thy face therewith, &c.
62. For ach in a mans ioyntes* or bodye.
Take sage, yarrowe, & wormewood, of each a good quantitye, & seth them
in wine lees*, & wash thee therewith in the sore places, and laye ye hearbs
thereto as hot as thou mayst suffer them when he goeth to bed: & on
the morrowe take deares sowet* & melte it in a panne, and take a
linnen cloth

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