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Image 151, fifth book, folio 77a, Receipts 15 to 22

The fifthe booke .fo.77.
Take of myrrhe*, of labbanum*, of each one dram, of storax*, calamine*
one scruple*, of masticke**, & of nutmegge, of each two drams: then make
a playster with brayeinge* those things that are to be brayed, & mixe
them with the gumme of an oake, & lay it on the closure of ye patients
heade, the heare being firste cut awaye with a rasor.
"15. For him that hath naturally a red face.
Take foure ounces of the kyrnells of peaches, & three ounces of gorde*
seedes, & make thereof an oyle, wherewith you shall anoynte his face
morninge & eveninge: this will kill & destroye all rednes. A thinge
founde true by experience."
16. For them that cannot keep theire meate
in theire stomacke, but doe still caste it.
Take the tender leaves of an ashe tree, & seeth them in strong vineger,
& then stampe* them & make thereof a playster which you must laye
upon the stomacke of the patiente, or on his bellye, and he shall bee
greatlye eased of his disease.
17. For one that cannot holde his water.
Take the small endes of oaken leaves, & put & seeth them in claret wine,
and then stampe them, and make a playster of them, and laye it upon
his yarde*, and shortelye he shall be cured.
18. A remedye agaynste deafenes.
If thy deafenes happen by accident, & not by nature, take the iuice of
coolewortes*, & mixe it with a litle warme water, & droppe thereof
into his eares, and shall finde greate ease and remedye.
"19. To make the face fayre.
Take blossomes of beanes, and distill* them, and washe thy face in that
water, and it will be fayre."
20. A remedye agaynste lice.
Take incense, & the larde of a barrowe hogge, called barrowes greace,
boyle them together in an earthen panne, & with this anoynte and
rubbe the place where the lice are.
"21. To take away wartes.
When you kill a pigge, take the hot bloude, & washe the wartes, & let
it drye on them:Then presentlye after wash them, & they shall be whole."
"22. To remedye baldenes of ye heade.
Take a quantitye of suthernewoode*, & put it upon kindled coales to burne,
and beinge made in powder, mixe it with oyle of radishes, & anoynte
the balde place, & you shall see greate experiences."
For one that

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