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Image 150, fifth book, folio 76b, Receipts 8 to 14

The fifthe booke.
Take a pigeon the blackest thou canst get, and if it be possible, let him
eate some of the fleshe of it rosted or sodden*.
"8. To make a pretious water that Docter Steyen* Steven
did greate cures with, & kepte it secret tyll a
litle before his death, then taughte it to the
archbishop of Canterburye.
Take a gallon of white Gascoigne wine, ginger, gallingall*, cymon, nut-
megs, graynes, cloves, annis seeds, fennell seedes, carraway seedes, of
every of them like much, viz, a dram* of each, then take sage, redmintes,
red roses, time, pellitory of the wall*, rosemarye, wilde time & gromell*, la=
vender the flowers if you can get them, of every of them an handfull:
then beate the spires small, & the hearbes allso: then put them all in ye
wine, and let it stand therein twelve houres, stirringe it divers times:
then still it in a lymbecke*: And the first water being greene, put it by
it selfe: for it is the best: the second water being white, is good, but not
so good as the firste, put that by it selfe, it is good for all manner of
diseases to drinke it fastinge, & at nighte laste, at each time a spoone=
full: it is a pretious & noble water, for a spoonefull is a preservative."
9. For the scabbes, & for them that breake out.
Take rawe creame, white copperas*, alome powder, & boares greace,
mixe it all together like a salve, & anoynte it therewith: et sanabitur*.
10. For all manner of aches in the bones, or elsewhere.
Take oyle of petrolium, & more quantitye of the oyle of spike*, and a
litle quantitye of rose vineger, & mingle all these together, & dippe
blacke wooll in it, and laye it warme to the ache.
11. For the tooth ache.
Take the roote of smallage*, & hange about thy necke, & they will leave
12. To kyll lise & nits in the heade.
Take the powder of a hartes horne, that is scraped of it, & give them to
drinke, & there will no lise nor nits breede in the heade: allso if you
straw the powder on the heade, they will not breed there, but will all dye.
"13. To make an akeing tooth fall out.
Take wheate meale, & mixe therewith the milke of the hearbe called
spurge*, & make thereof past or doughe, with which ye shall fill the
hollowe of the tooth, & let it be there a certayne time, & the tooth will
fall out of it selfe. Allso if you washe your mouth & teeth once a
month with wine wherein the roote of this hearbe hath been sodden,
you shall never have payne in your teethe."
14. For to helpe the falling sicknes* of children.
Take of

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