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Image 149, fifth book, folio 76a, title and receipts 1 to 7

The fifthe booke. .fo.76
"Certayne medicines which were taken out This goes to folio 84b where addita* begins
of the vicar of Warlingham’s booke, beinge
as he sayde, taught to him by the fayries."
"1. To staunche bloude.
"There were three Maryes wente over the floude: the one bid stande,
the other stente bloude: the bespake Mary that Jesus Christ bare,
defende god forbod thou shouldeste bleede anye more."*
2. For heade ache, or the heade that aketh.
Take mustard seede, and sage, and stampe them, and temper it with
wine, & lay it on the sicke heade, & it shall put away ye akeinge thereof
"3. To take awaye frekels.
Take the bloude of an hare, and anoynte them with it, and it will
doe them awaye."
"4. For a man or woman yt hath lost theire speeche.
Take wormewoode, and stampe* it, & temper** it with water, and strayne
it, and with a spoone doe of it into theire mouthes."
5. A preservative agaynste the plague.
Take three leaves of rue, one figge, one corne of baye salte*, one walnut,
eate these everye morninge, and you shall be safe.
"6. A very sure & perfect remedye to cure a man &c:
of the pestilence: & some there hath bene that have bene
cured in a nighte: the same remedye is allso good
for God’s markes, boyles, carbuncles, botches, &c: &
such like as St Anthonyes fire, &c.
ivye Take the seed or berries of ivye that groweth on tree or walls, & not of
that which is founde lowe by the grounde: you must gather the sayde
berryes verye ripe, and of those that growe towardes the north if it be possible,
if not, then take as you can get them, although they be not very ripe, dry
them in the shadowe, & keepe them in a boxe of wood, as you doe pretious
things, if any bee infected with the pestilence, take of ye sayde berries
& beate them to powder in a fayre morter, and then give the sicke of the
sayde powder in a glasse of white wine, so much as will lye on a groate
or more:Then cover him in his bed, and make him sweate well, this done,
chaunge his sheets, shirte, and other coverings of his bed if it may bee,
if not, let him at the leaste chaunge his shirte and sheete. Some have
taken of the sayde powder overnighte, & have founde themselves in the
morninge very well, so that they rose up, & clothed themselves, and
walked about the house, and finally were throughlye cured."
7. For him that has Gods markes.
Take a

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