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Image 148, fourth book, folio 75b, index R to Z

The table of the fourthe booke.
R. U.
For Rankelinge* in all places:61.b. To make an Unguente** consolidative:
For the Rume*:74.b. 63.a.
S. To make a white Unguente for all
Salus populi*:61.a. hot sores:63.a.
Sanguis veneris*:61.a.alias ibid**. To make an unguente for all mann=
For the fallinge Sicknes*:72.a. ner raynes*:&c:63.b.
For the Greene Sicknes*:71.a. Unguentum alabastri:66.b.
For the newe Sicknes:74.a. Unguentum geniste*:69.a.
To conserve the Sighte:71.a. Unguentum Pantonia*:63.a.
For Snake or adder within man or Unguentum pro pectore:63.a*.
woman:69.b. To make Unguentum viridum:61.b
To ripe a Sore:69.a.alias ibid. To make a cleare Voyce:73.a.
For an old or newe Sore:71.b. W.
For all Sores:70.a.et b. For woundes that be rankeled*:60.a
For a Stitche:72.b. To make baules* to drinke for Woundes:
For heate in the Stomacke:72.b.73. 62.a.
a.et b. A drinke for Woundes well appro=
To breake the Stone:71.a.73.a. ved:60.a.alias 3 ibid.
For the avoydance of ye Stone:71.a. To clense a venemous Wounde:60.a.
For the Strangurian*:72.b. A good implaister** for Woundes:60.a.
A good plaister agaynst Swelling: An intreate* for Woundes, and
60.b.alias ibid. swellinges:60.a.
Agaynste Swelling of legge or foote: X.
69.b. Y.
For Synewes that are shrunke:61.b. Z.
T. Heere endeth this table, which
For a Tetter*:69.b. serveth for the booke abovewritten.
For a stubbe, nayle, or Thorne:69.b.
For the Tympanye*:72.a.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by JM and CW