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Image 145, fourth book, folio 74a, receipts 118 (contd) to 124

The fourth booke .fo 74.
Liber 4.
one nutmegge, & a pennyworth of saffron, & beate all these to fine pow-
der, & then seeth* it well, then put thereto sixe spoonefulls of vineger, &
3 id of white suger, & seeth it a litle:drinke thereof sixe spoonefulls every
morninge bloudewarme, & everye eveninge. Probatum est*.
119. A speciall medicine for the iaundise*.
Take a quarte of good ale, & seeth it upon the fire, & scumme* it cleane, &
then take a quantity the quantity of a spoonefull of ivery scraped, & stampe*
it with a quantity of longe pepper, ginger, Englishe saffron, & turmericke,
& a curtesye* of treacle**, & a quantitye of honye, & seeth all these together
from a quarte unto a pinte: & then keepe it close in a cleane pot, and
drinke it laste at nighte, & first in the morninge bloude warme.
120. A soveraigne medicine for ye dropsye, or timpay[*].
Take an handfull of fennell the reddest that can be gotten, an handfull of
sorrell, an handfull of hysop, an handfull of lande betanye*, an handfull of
hearbegrace*, & 5 leaves of hartes tongue, & a quarte of good stale ale, &
place it over the fire, and skymme it well, & then put the hearbes in, and
let them seeth together to the quantitye of a pinte, & then strayne them into
a fayre vessell, & give it to the sicke person to drinke somewhat warme,
eveninge & morninge, when he goeth to his bed, & when he riseth.
121. The newe sickenes.
Take endith, marygoldes, sowthistle, mercury, & nighteshade*, 3 handfull
of all, & seeth them in runninge water from a quarte unto a pinte, & then
strayne them through a linnen cloth, & put thereto vineger till it be some-
what tarte, & then take suger & put therein tyll it be somewhat sweete, &
then let the patient drinke it with a litle treacle, & it shall helpe by the
grace of God.
122. Pro membro secreto*.
Take a pottle of runninge water, a spoonefull or twoe of hony, an handfull
of mallowes, & two handfull of planten leaves, a greate handfull of fen-
kell, & a handfull of violet leaves, then wash these hearbes cleane, and put
them to this water, & let them seeth to a quarte, then strayne them with a
cloth, & keepe this water in a fayre glasse or a pot. For to minge* with
the same water: Take the challe* bone of a swine, & burne it to powder
with powder of burnte alome*.
123. For the same.
Agaynst swelling of the same, seeth betonye in wine & stampe it & plaister
wise laye it thereto.
124. For the eares.
Agaynst the payne in the eares mingle the iuice of betonye with oyle of roses,
& put it warme into the eares with a tente*, & stop them with wooll. Probatum est.
For the

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