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Image 144, fourth book, folio 73b, receipts 113 to 118

The fourth booke
113. For the payne in the backe.
Take an handfull of knotgrasse, an handfull of purcepurstarye called picke-
purse*, stampe** them & strayne them, & mixe with them three spoonefulls
of woman’s milke, three spoonefulls of sallet* oyle, three spoonefulls of rose
water, & anoynte your backe eveninge & morninge agaynste the fire.
114. For the winde collicke* in ye bellye.
Take a quarte of claret wine, three handfulls of fennell seedes, unset*
hysop a quantitye, boyle all those together unto a pinte, and let ye patient
drinke it morninge and eveninge. Probatum est*.
115. An outwarde medicine for ye same.
Take maniplum, rose leaves, an handfull of camomyll, commyn seedes,
coriander seedes, a pinte of malmesye*, & seeth all these well together,
make all these into two bagges quilted flat, and laye it hot to ye patient’s
bellye. Probatum est.
116. For an ache.
Take twelve yonge swallowes quicke*, an handfull of lavender spicke,
an handfull of lavender cotten, an handfull of rosemarye, an handfull of
mallowes, & an handfull of strawberry leaves with the stringes, braye*
all these together in a morter by the space of 5 houres, untill you may
perceive neyther bone, feather, nor hearbe, & by that time it will be dry,
then put so much Maye butter* to it that you may make it so supple that
you make it in forme of rounde balls, then lay them in a celler upon the
grounde in a danke place the spce of nine dayes untill they be hoarye*,
then take them as they bee, & put them in a little earthen panne untill
they be molten, & if they be any thing dry, put a little May butter to them
to mollifye, then take it of immediatelye as it is molten, & put halfe a
pinte of sallet oyle to it: & so done, use it for medicine. Probatum est*.
117. For the greene sickenes*.
Take a pottle* of white wine, three handfulls of wild time, as much
of garden time, three roots of fennell, three rootes of parslye, & pull out ye
inwarde pilles*, & fowre braunches of rosemarye, & seeth** them all toge-
ther from a pottle to a quarte, & let the patient every morninge nexte
her hearte drinke a draughte of it bloudewarme, with ginger & suger:
& let her refrayne from fruite, & all those thinges that may encrease
this disease: & by the grace of God shee shall have ease. Probatum est.
118. A medicine for heate in ye stomacke, and
overhastye digestion.
Take rosemarye, time, hysop, mintes, marioram*, & dandalion, of eache
an handfull, & seeth them in a quarte of runninge water to a pinte & a
halfe, then strayne the hearbes from the licor, & set the licor on ye fire
agayne, & put thereto of mace 2 id, of cynamon 2 id, of ganningall*j id,
one nutmegge,

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Transcribed by JM and CW